Skimble’s Workout Trainer

Skimble’s Workout Trainer offers its users thousands of free workouts complete with timed step-by-step audio and video instructions that make complex workout forms intuitive to start. Whether users are looking to sculpt six pack abs or improve their conditioning for that next race, Workout Trainer has a routine that is highly personalized for all workout levels ranging from professionals to those just starting out. In addition to the built-in workouts, users can access the app’s library to build their own custom routines and share them online, as well as try out routines shared by the community. A premium subscription unlocks more features such as HD workout videos, more exercise routines, as well as removing ads.


Weightlifting is typically the highlight of any gym rat’s day, so if you’re already keen on indoor workouts, JEFIT is worth a try. JEFIT serves as an incredible resource for users looking to start the daunting process of strength training and bodybuilding. Loaded with an exercise database which contains thousands of routines sorted by targeted body parts, the app comes complete with detailed instructions, a workout planner, exercise log, progress tracker, numerous timers, and synchronization with the JEFIT profile that can be accessed online or with other devices. With over 4 million members in the JEFIT community, users can connect with other members to receive feedback, tips, and stay motivated by looking at the statistics of other users. While the app is free for use, a pro version is also available which offers more even more features.


Rather than focus on set exercise routines, Sworkit has users creating targeted workout habits. With the ability to select whether to focus on building strength, yoga, cardio, or stretches, as well as specific durations, Sworkit builds a routine of randomized exercises that fit personal exercise goals rather than making a cookie-cutter template for the masses. Each workout is different, ensuring that users stay alert and are never bored of their workout, a barrier that often makes gym goers eventually lazy and unmotivated. A premium version unlocks more features such as exercise variations, a workout history, and the ability to save custom workouts for a fully customizable experience, a must have for those looking for a more personalized workout.

Workout Trainer

Workout trainers are expensive especially on top of paying a monthly gym fee. What if instead you could get all you needed from one smart and free fitness app for Android? What if you could have your trainer in your hand 24/7? You certainly would not have any excuses not to work out then, for sure. Enter the free Workout Trainer app for Android, which is a comprehensive fitness app ready to whip you into shape without exorbitant fees.

This app is the fitness bomb. There are thousands of free workouts created by expert coaches. When you sign-up, the app asks you a few questions to get started. For instance, how long you like to work out and to what intensity. Each workout is labeled with the time it will take to finish and the intensity level making it easy to grab a workout on the go, or find the perfect workout for days when you have more time and energy. The app saves your workouts so you can track your progress over time and feel even better about getting fit!

My favorite part is the program selection. Find an ongoing program that works for you such as “Off the Couch Blast,” “6 Pack Toned Abs,” “Slim and Trim Bootcamp,” and many more. These extra programs do charge a fee but a much cheaper fee than you would get with a trainer or taking a series of classes at a local gym.


The secret to getting and staying fit may be found in CardioTrainer for Android. The app tracks and stores workouts, whether you run, bike, walk on a treadmill or do yoga (to name just a few of the many options). It is a great motivator with its weight loss add-on feature, a race add-on and a way to share your exercise logs on Facebook. CardioTrainer also has different customization settings which allow you to check how far you’ve run in miles or kilometers, your stride length, program your weight, listen to music, and the app can even give you words of encouragement. If that’s all too fancy for you, you don’t have to set anything and the app will still log a basic workout.


FitStar functions as a personalized digital training coach, adapting its exercise routines to match physical capability and carefully calibrating workouts to be challenging without being too difficult. The dynamic nature of the app makes it highly customized for users looking to push their limits as they progress in their workout. Users can configure their ideal exercise duration and workout goals while the app generates a workout session that takes various metrics into consideration and optimizes the path to achieving those goals. Once done, FitStar enables users to rate the difficulty of the workout so that it is able to actively learn and adapt to the users workout capacity, providing a challenging workout that does not overdo physical abilities.


The social network for exercise enthusiasts, Fitocracy utilizes a combination of gamification and peer pressure to encourage exercise habits as a motivational tool. Fitocracy enables its users to look up exercise routines and then log them in to score points, level up, and gain achievements, all of which is displayed in a social media stream that other Fitocrats can view, comment on, and share to encourage progress. Signing up on the Fitocracy website also provides data syncing between the web app and mobile for greater analytics with the option to automatically post updates to Twitter or Facebook. When internal motivation requires an external boost, Fitocracy offers a great source of encouragement for its users.

Daily Ab Workout

Crunches are something you can do anywhere to keep your mid-section toned. Working out for a few minutes a day, you can turn to the Daily Ab Workout for exercises geared to fend off belly fat. The app features about 30 ab-sculpting exercises, curated by a personal trainer. The full version of the Android app has video tutorials and a timer (which you set), and a randomizing feature if you’d like to switch up the daily routine. Daily Ab Workout is just one app in a series of workout apps from Daniel Miller, which also include apps for daily cardio, arm and glut workouts.

Calorie Counter

A good exercise regime is nothing without a balanced diet to support it. While not an exercising app, MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter helps users on the diet front, functioning as an easy-to-use calorie and nutrients counter with a database that boasts more than 6 million foods (which is continuing to grow on a daily basis). Intuitive to use, Calorie Counter allows users to easily look up and track the foods that are consumed, a process which is made even simpler with the help of a barcode scanner as well as a recipe calculator for inputting custom creations. Calorie Counter further integrates and shares data with more than 50 different fitness trackers and apps such as Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and Strava to streamline the entire health process, making it highly valuable for complete health monitoring.


RunKeeper is a pretty popular app in Google Play, used by runners to track fitness activities across distance and time. But even without the need for GPS tracking, this free app can monitor your workouts for treadmill and other cardio equipment use. It measures everything you track during a run, including distance, time, pace, calories and heart rate. Looking to the promise of connected devices, RunKeeper also supports the Polar WearLink heart monitor for pairing, letting you automatically incorporate your heart rate with the other real-time data this Android app tracks.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga for Android is a digital yoga instructor in the palm of your hand. Keep your downward dog on pace and on schedule without having to cart your mat across town. This Android app features three different practices at three different levels, offering three duration options as well. It’s a good mix and match for regular yoga upkeep, offering audio and visual instruction guides through each pose. There’s no video but the illustrations are easy enough to read. Pocket Yoga has an in-app dictionary with descriptions and benefits of each pose, and support to play music from your Android library as you work through each yoga position.

While phones are traditionally used as a way to pass time and often not associated with healthy active living, many fitness apps and tools are available to meet workout needs. Regardless of workout objectives, our list provides a comprehensive source of apps to help achieve fitness goals from workouts to diets. Check them out and let us know if there are any workout apps that we missed!