Prime Photos

Amazon expanded its cloud drive service, making it available to users for music and e-books to include photos. That means you can save photos from your Android device to a cloud space and never worry about storing them on your device. First up, you get 5 gigabytes of free storage space when you use Prime Photos. You can upload your shots in either one album or as individuals, and the app applies a cool UI for viewing your shots as well. When you create albums, you can share them through Facebook and Twitter. With a full Android device hard drive or SD card, Amazon Drive can be a lifesaver, especially if you like to shoot a lot of photos. It’s even better if you use a lot of Amazon’s other services.

Android Device Manager

Google has released a remote device management app in Android Device Manager, which allows you to locate your phone when you lose it or lock it if it’s stolen. If you’ve ever lost a smartphone before, you’ve probably wished for an app like Android Device Manager. Google’s answer to Apple’s Find My iPhone lets you utilize your device’s GPS capabilities to help find your device when it’s turned on but misplaced, and you also can remotely access it if you suspect it has been stolen or you won’t be getting it back. You can lock your device from your computer or wipe its data if it’s in untrustworthy hands, as well. If you have an Android device, you should have Android Device Manager, just in case.


After a good run on iOS, AppGratis from iMediapp is now on Android. The AppGratis developers work tirelessly to either find or arrange for big sales and giveaways with other developers. The selection isn’t always the very best, but you can usually find some pretty great apps at really low costs. The apps are hand-picked and tested, and every day, one, and only one push notification will be sent to every AppGratis user to tell them about the deals of that day. It’s free, and it might get you more stuff for free. What’s the harm?

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor offers a great way to extend the battery life on your Android device for free. The app works in a number of ways. It can estimate how much juice is left in your current battery and informs you about the different power usage of various apps. That way, you can predict whether it’s smart or not to use a particular service once you reach a specific level. You can turn off settings automatically and the app provides plenty of power-saving tips. If you find your device is running out of juice too quickly, maybe Battery Doctor can help. Perhaps you’ve tried the plethora of other similar apps and they haven’t worked out for you. Juice Defender is the big daddy of battery saver apps with a wealth of options to help you reduce battery consumption (and over 10 million downloads to boot). Battery Doctor is different because it works more like an assistant with a number of tools to help you get the best battery life.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Access your Windows PC from your mobile device, and all the files and documents on it, using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Needing something from your computer when you’re away from it can be a big challenge, especially as more and more people take their work on the road with mobile devices. Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to use your Android device to remotely pull up your desktop, giving you the ability to search through for files and use other elements on your computer even when you’re away. You can also stream video and sound from your computer to your device, making it easy to enjoy media files, as well. If you ever find yourself wishing you had your computer when you’re away from it, try Microsoft Remote Desktop. You’ll get similar capabilities from Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop and GoToMyPC.

Notifications Off

Need a quick way to shut down all your phone’s notifications? Notifications Off can handle the job. Notifications Off centralizes control of the notifications that pop up on your phone, allowing you to bypass shutting them down individually by going to each app and hunting down the controls to do so. If you’ve got your Android device rooted, you can use Notifications Off to shut down all notifications at once, or switch off the notifications of individual apps even as soon as they’re installed. Keep in mind that this one’s a beta release, though, so it might contain some bugs. Notifications Off requires your device to be rooted, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, you’ll want to skip it.


Integrate apps and services and create push notifications for your Android device with Pushover. Pushover allows you to create Push notifications that show up on your Android device for a number of different apps, services, scripts and more. The app integrates with a number of different services and other systems from the Internet, allowing you to create Push notifications from services such as If This Then That, eBay, network systems like Nagios and more. The app also includes lock screen widgets and home screen widgets so you can more easily access your notifications and the services that go with them. Users who use lots of different online systems and who want notifications on their phones should check out Pushover.


Hot on the heels of Apple Wallet in iOS comes this cheekily-named Android alternative called PassWallet. More than just imitative, PassWallet has a practical use and it’s a solid and reliable way to store all your tickets and coupons in one place including boarding passes, theater tickets, coffee shop loyalty cards and much more. Merchants include Walgreens, Fandango and TicketMaster. If you own an iOS device, the app can actually import your Apple Wallet information straight to your Android device via the web as it reads the .pkpass files.

Sidebar Plus

Create quick shortcuts to multitasking on your Android device with Sidebar Plus, an app for adding sidebars to your screen that let you quickly get to other apps. There are a lot of functions on your typical smartphone or tablet that you tend to use more than any other, and Sidebar Plus makes it easy to get those particular things by letting users create customized sidebars filled with bookmarks. You can pin whatever you want to your sidebar, like commonly used apps, settings or contacts, and the shortcuts are quickly accessible on your screen whenever you need them. You can also create multiple sidebards that you can set aside or open as you need them, add themes to your bars to make them more visually pleasing, and even access your sidebars when you’re using other apps. Users looking for a little more functionality and customization out of their Android devices should try creating their own sidebars with Sidebar Plus.

Uninstall Master (Uninstaller)

Get rid of third party, pre-installed apps and anything else you don’t want installed on your Android device, using Uninstall Master. Lots of Android devices come with all kinds of pre-installed applications, programs and other software that you might not necessarily want or use. Some of it can be pretty hard to get off your device’s hard drive, though. Uninstall Master helps by stripping out the apps you don’t want from your hard drive, whether they be the apps you install from the Google Play store or anywhere else, or the apps that came on your device when you bought it. The app also includes capabilities like a batch uninstall, which lets you clear multiple apps at once, and the ability to freeze and unfreeze apps. You can even use Bluetooth capabilities to share the app’s capabilities across other devices. Anyone who might want to clear out space on their devices should check out Uninstall Master.

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark from Qualcomm is a great way to test the performance of your Android device and compare it to others. Vellamo will benchmark HTML5 video, DOM performance, web page load/reload, and WebGL. It supports both ARM and x86 processors and evaluates scrolling and zooming, 3-D graphics, video performance, memory read/write and peak bandwidth performance. People who like to tweak their devices for the most speed possible, especially if rooted, will definitely dig Vellamo Mobile Benchmark. But it can be valuable for anyone who just wants an idea of where their device excels or perhaps falls short.