Microsoft Office

Developed by Microsoft and one of the most commonly used desktop tools for personal and business applications, Microsoft Office has a host of tools to include PowerPoint, Word, and Excel has been tailored for the mobile interface. As many businesses still use these tools, providing a mobile version that is optimized for working while on-the-go greatly increases productivity as syncing to these platforms is seamless when compared to other apps which offer similar functionalities given that the interface closely resembles the familiar desktop version. One of the most convenient features of the Microsoft Office app is that it is able to sync to the widely used desktop applications so that if a user were typing a document in Microsoft Office on their desktop, it would automatically sync with the cloud to have the document accessible on the mobile app immediately, eliminating the need for manual transfers.


In a digital world where everyone and everything is connected, the ability to share files quickly to clients or colleagues has become a necessity. Through a large amount of storage space online, uploading a file to a Dropbox account makes it instantly accessible to other devices as long as it is logged into the same account. What makes Dropbox one of the best productivity apps extends beyond the ability to simply store and access files online. Once files are uploaded to the cloud server, users can manage files right from the app or online to get URLs of the file and folders to share with others. Security settings with this social aspect include the ability to restrict what others can do with the file. For example, files can be selected to only be viewed or given full authority to edit. This level of file sharing is unparalleled with traditional file-sharing systems which makes Dropbox extremely powerful among those who require smooth communication with clients or colleagues.


As one of the best note taking apps available for Android users, Evernote is applicable for both those in school and in working environments. From quick notes in meetings to longer notes in lectures, keeping organized is made easier with Evernote given that users can take various forms of information to store into the app. This includes notes, images, audio and video files, and information from the internet in order to store in one convenient location for increased productivity. Instead of just storing the documents for the user, collaboration features are included in order to discuss work with colleagues directly from the application interface. Further to this, meetings can be coordinated, notebooks shared, and viewing notebooks that were shared by others are all made possible. Through offering tools in the field of business and education, the functionalities available with Evernote gives users the ability to share, create, and collaborate on documents in the Android device in a seamless manner.


While many of the apps listed in the article are geared towards content management or creation, Skype takes a different approach in its ability to increase productivity. Even though hundreds of Instant Messenger applications are available for the Android users to try, Skype holds a prominent place as one of the most popular application among friends and workmates for communication purposes. Beyond just simple audio and video calls, the app provides free conference calls among several people at once for free. This ensures that communication with a group of individuals at once is made possible in order to boost productivity. An inexpensive alternative to other tools that enable messaging and video calls for a fee, many of Skype’s features can be accessed without cost, making it one of the most popular apps for local and international communication.  While it is free to communicate between Skype accounts, it is also possible to connect with landline numbers and non-Skype contacts for rates that are typically lower than that of larger telecommunications companies, making it highly accessible for teams who work remotely and require a communication tool.

Universal Password Manager

With so many different accounts used for different purposes from work to social media, keeping track of all the username and passwords can be extremely tedious, especially if the account credentials are different from one another. As recommended by many security experts, passwords of a user should not be the same across too many different accounts as the compromise of one account can lead to compromises of the other accounts with the same password. An easy approach to keeping track of all the passwords and usernames in a single app, Universal Password Manager is primarily a tool used to store the password of various accounts in a secure location. While not directly tied to the notion of productivity, keeping sensitive information secure can significantly contribute to storing important information safely. In order to ensure that others cannot access the passwords stored on the app, Universal Password Manager utilizes remote cloud storage to backup the encrypted password database. With this, even when the device undergoes a factory reset, logging into the database will recover all of the passwords so that they are never lost.

Utilizing several of the apps listed in this article can significantly lead to an increase in productivity and reduces cost for those who typically work from their mobile device. As more and more people begin to adopt mobile devices as an extension tool to their desktop computers, these apps will become increasingly relevant for those who prefer to work directly from the apps on their device.