As one of the most popular and recognized keyboard apps available for Android, SwiftKey is the keyboard that takes the frustration out of typing. SwiftKey learns the words, phrases, and emojis that matter to the user and predicts them at the perfect moment for a smoother typing experience. With this, users can type faster without making mistakes thanks to a dynamic autocorrect mechanism that works even when users miss the space key. Predictive text is the biggest strength that the app offers as it understands the behavior of the user. For example, if users type in several languages, SwiftKey will recognize this even when multiple languages are used in a single sentence, essentially learning from what the user enters the more it is utilized. One of the most popular features with the app is that users can swipe across the keyboard as an input method which is slightly faster than the traditional typing method. Although this takes some time to become familiar with, once users have adopted this method of text input, using the keyboard becomes a simpler task that is extremely intuitive.


As one of the most customizable keyboards, Swype is the keyboard app that is able to provide multiple methods of input as opposed to just using the keyboard. For example, users are able to dictate text, swipe, or tap instead of simply typing the message. Depending on which method the user is most comfortable with, they are able to choose whichever one is appropriate for their requirements. Further to this, Swype is highly customizable compared to other available keyboards. Users are given the option to switch layout, color, sizes, and even on-screen keyboard position which is compared to other keyboard apps which offer only simple customizations such as color changes.

Available in over 70 languages with 20 distinct dialects, Swype also contains bilingual support that intelligently switches between languages as users enters text. Given the unlimited number of input possibilities, the app is one which is perfect for those who desire a highly customizable keyboard as opposed to available stock versions. Swype is available as a free trial but once the trial expires, the full version is available for $0.99 on the Google Play Store.


Although stock keyboards are typically assumed to be dull and lacking in features, the Google Keyboard that comes with many Android devices is an exception to this notion. Merging the power of Google search with the convenience of messaging platforms, Gboard has an additional feature which enables for searches to be done right on the keyboard. For example, if users are discussing a particular location in their messages, Gboard provides a button to conduct a Google Search of the location without ever having to leave the app. Beyond this, the app also has unique characteristics associated with it such as a learning dictionary, gesture typing, and the ability to save new words which are introduced. Remarkably powerful, the app boasts the firepower of Google Search right into the keyboard to be used in any app as opposed to offer a greater degree of customization that other keyboard apps offer. Therefore, Gboard is more suited for those who are interested in a highly functional keyboard as opposed to one which is more tailored for the user.


For the greatest degree of simplicity, Fleksy offers the keyboard with the most minimalistic interface. Despite being a minimalistic keyboard, Fleksy offers several powerful features that are not evidently noticeable at first glance. With the core goal of the app to provide maximum accuracy and speed when typing, the app has been recognized for setting records for typing speeds worldwide. Having one of the most powerful autocorrect systems in any available keyboards, Fleksy differentiates it autocorrect by having the app look at the pattern of typing that occurs as opposed to the individual characters which are typed. This enables the keyboard to correct text with amazing accuracy for those who typically type fast but are inaccurate in the letters that they tap. Through the tracking of typing habits, Fleksy also has typing statistics for its users to become more efficient at typing without even having to look at their keyboard.


Minuum was once a crowdfunding project in IndieGoGo but it has come a long way since then. Designed to be one of the most intuitive and convenient keyboards to use, the app is able to save half of the keyboard space that a typical keyboard has in order to allow users to see more of the screen. One of the most distinguishing features of Minuum is the gesture shortcuts which eliminates the need for several keys which occupy a significant portion of the keyboard itself. For example, swiping towards the top left on the keyboard activates the voice setting while swiping towards the top right acts as an enter button. Swiping left backspaces what has been typed to eliminate the back key while swiping right acts as a space to reduce the large space bar. Furthermore, the keyboard is not in a fixed position at the bottom of the screen but can float in order to move around the screen as needed.

Given that such a significant number of keyboards are available on the Google Play Store that each offer such distinct features, this list compiles the best keyboards that are suitable for a range of uses from customizability to additional functionalities that are not seen with typical keyboards. Depending on how a user typically uses a keyboard, the ones listed in the article are able to significantly enhance the speed and usability of typing when compared to stock keyboards which can be often limiting in nature.