Top free apps that make being a vegan easier than ever

Sep 12, 2016

Having difficulties with eating out as a vegan? Takes too much time to check all ingredients on packages or hard to find tasty and nutritious vegan recipes? Not with these applications in hand! The best one for eating out, the best one for saving time, and once having the ingredients: the best one for cooking vegan dishes. And all are free of charge!


Not only the cow, but you will be also happy to have this app on your phone. Being vegan is not always a matter of choice. Many people are allergic to milk or even to eggs thus to make sure to get proper food they need to choose vegan places. And finding a restaurant as a vegan is a constant struggle. While nowadays almost all restaurants are prepared for vegetarians, for vegans not really. It is almost impossible to find a food on the menu which doesn’t contain neither dairy products nor eggs. HappyCow helps the problem: with using GPS data it offers vegan-friendly places closest to your location. It also contains reviews, ratings, photos, price category, contacts, and directions on a map. HappyCow is available globally thus a perfect partner for travelling or simply when you are in a rush and need to find a place quickly.

HappyCow Android App Full Promo Video Feb 2016

This is the HappyCow Android app as of Feb 2016.

Is It Vegan?

Reading carefully the list of ingredients on packages is the most tiring activity of all. Mainly that usually they are written with super small letters which makes it the most annoying activity as well. Is It Vegan? replies to the prayer of all vegan and food allergic people. It can be used either by scanning the barcode of the product or searching for it by name. The app lists all vegan, non-vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients and makes a conclusion if the product is vegan/vegetarian or not. The idea is clever but the software itself needs some improvements. First, it is optimized for the American market thus the database doesn’t contain many non-global brands. And second, even in the known products it is not able to recognize all ingredients.


Yummly is not specifically a vegan cooking application but with its developed settings it can be easily converted into one. Just go to the ’Settings’, choose ’Dietary Preferences’ and tick ’Vegan’ or any food allergies you have. From now on Yummly will recommend recipes that fit your diet. Talking about developed setting options and surface: you will love to use this app! Unlike typical recipe and cooking applications it is interactive, colorful and most of all, highly personalized. Besides searching for dishes by categories it also allows the users to create shopping lists or to add the ingredients of the chosen food directly to the list where you can tick them one by one. It also gives information about calories and the time needed to make a certain dish. The number of servings can be changed and the amount of ingredients are changing as well accordingly. You can even make your own collections of your favorite yums. All in all: customized, engaging and fun to use!

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