Mobile gaming seems to hold all the promise of marketing, direct sales and a new direction for social networking. It’s no wonder Google has set aside time and money for development around Android’s potential as a gaming platform, from its investment in Zynga to other acquisitions around virtual credits and social transaction apps.

Major game developers, too, see dollar signs in mobile gaming, leveraging the Android OS for distribution and as an extension of their own platforms. Here are some of their best Android efforts so far.

Top developers

Backbreaker Football. Fitting for the fall sports fan, the $2.99 arcade-style game is in 3D for full effect. This developer is really looking to indulge in the Android experience, making activity-oriented and graphics-rich games for newer devices.

Top platforms

Marketing games on Android also means having a platform. GetJar is making game access and interaction easy, with a gateway for testing full versions of premium Android games. The titles are free for two weeks, and don’t require registration. It’s a great way to avoid unnecessary spending, and becomes an advertising channel for developers.

OpenFeint’s groundbreaking game platform is leveling the playing field between Android and iPhone gamers — literally. Days after launch, a number of games already support the new software, landing four games in the Android market’s top 15. Fruit Ninja is one, where the goal is to slice as many flying food objects as possible. Fruit Ninja costs 99 cents.