Top 5 Santa Claus Live Wallpapers – 2

Dec 9, 2011

I love Santa! Here are my favorite Santa Live Wallpapers. Note there is more than one list.

FGG Christmas Wallpaper

This live wallpaper has a comic book look – beautiful little house and barn on a snowy hilltop with trees and mountains in the background and snow that falls in the foreground. And then Santa visits and drops gifts!


Santa Live Wallpaper

Beautiful Norman Rockwell-esque Stana LWP with Santa with a sack of toys over his shoulder and a poodle at his feet, standing next to a shimmering Christmas tree.


Ms Claus Live Wallpaper

A sexy Ms. Claus materializes and dematerializes – what a tease!


Snow Village Live Wallpaper

This LWP is beautiful and creative – it’s the village where Santa wraps gifts… only there are bears instead of elves. A beautiful snow/ice village with Santa sleigh and animated snow and northern lights.


Flying Santa 3D Live Wallpaper

Beautiful 3D video live wallpaper of Santa in his sleigh flying.


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