Teamup Calendar

Working in groups can pose many barriers to efficiency with so many variables in team presence and meetings. One app aimed at eliminating these roadblocks is Teamup Calendar which seamlessly synchronizes schedules, calendars, and updates, allowing team members to smoothly arrange meetings and functions without time conflicts. While perfect for team calendars, the app is also highly applicable for a wide range of uses including reservations, school calendars, and other events to access and accommodate multiple schedules. Ensuring users have the latest information, Teamup Calendar also has automatic updates that sync across all devices so that no changes are overlooked. Despite hosting services that are complex, the app is intuitive to use with a beautiful colour scheme that enables the categorization of various people and activities for simpler use. Beautifully designed and completely free, Teamup Calendar is imperative in effective team and schedule planning.


While not purely an app, Square nonetheless has provided a pocket-sized solution for small business owners and individuals that could save thousands in costs. Traditional point-of-Sale (POS) systems are extremely costly and bulky but have been effectively replaced by the Square app and complimentary phone attachment. With the free Square reader that is shipped directly to the user, Square accepts payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for 2.75%. With no commitment, down payment, or contracts, Square makes it convenient to accept card payments for any situation as the reader is extremely small. In an effort to keep up with the current pace of innovation, the app is progressively starting to accept tap forms of payment via cards or Android Pay. For those looking for a cost-effective alternative to the expensive POS systems, Square offers the best solution for free.


For those who regularly work in teams, the dull nature of emails and lengthy meetings can act as a major barrier to achieving efficient workflow. With modern communication being disconnected, Slack brings all the teamwork tools into a single app. From managing files, emails, to direct communication, the Slack amalgamates the communication and resources of the team to give greater organizational access. With the app, small teams to large organizations alike are poised to be more productive, transparent, and efficient with all files in a single location. By integrating other services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and social media networks, Slack facilitates organization and collaboration, allowing users to quickly find attachments in seconds. While free on the Google Play Store, Slack also offers premium services for messaging, file management, and data retention policies.

Expense IQ

While the process of budgeting and managing personal finances is a task that lacks mass appeal, it remains critical for responsible spending habits. With many budgeting apps available, Expense IQ offers the most user-friendly interface for tracking spending and finances. Helping users save for future expenditures, the app gives a simple-to-understand summary of various accounts and transactions including income, expenses, and categorization. Further to this, reports are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor analysis according to their specific needs whether to budget on a daily or annual basis. A must-have for those looking to have greater cost control, Expense IQ automatically syncs via cloud services to be accessible from any device. As the app holds confidential information regarding personal financial data, privacy is ensured with the pin lock to deter others from gaining access.

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

For the countless file types, finding a compatible tool to open, view, and edit the various documents is extremely cumbersome. With full accessibility to local and cloud files ranging Microsoft Excel to PowerPoint, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor boasts a unique interface that closely resembles that of desktop applications, making it highly intuitive to use. Offering more advanced editing tools than any other office app, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor gives users additional features including a spellchecker, Oxford dictionary, and formatting options. Beyond that, PDF files can be exported and edited, making it perfect for document signing and note taking on mobile devices. To protect files that require more privacy, enhanced security features are implemented to ensure confidential information remains confidential. Free on the Google Play Store, OfficeSuite + PDF Editor is perfect for business individuals and students alike and is an essential for increasing work access.

From managing expenses to viewing documents, business apps assist in streamlining tasks while on-the-go. With hundreds of business apps available on the Google Play Store, the ones on this list offer the highest utility for a vast range of jobs and is fundamental in keeping up with work even when away from the office or home.

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