Top 5 Best Miami Android Apps

Feb 24, 2011

Miami and Los Angeles are my two favorite cities in the United States. I love Miami for the diversity, the weather, and the energy.

Florida Beaches

This app has the current conditions for all the beaches in Florida! It has air and water temp, surf/weather conditions, etc. it works quickly. Missing a tide chart.


Miami photos

I love the architecture of Miami and these photos remind me of being there – give me a bit of the Miami energy that I miss so much when I am away.


Miami Compass

This app uses GPS to display the Lonely Planet reviews for businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. that are near to you. It’s like having an enhanced version of the Lonely Planet guide for Miami – for 99 cents. Worth it.


Miami Emergency

I always feel safer with good info at hand when I’m traveling and it’s easy to forget to have that. This free app has fire, police, hospital and emergency info for Miami. Recommend.


Traffic Miami

This app shows the traffic cams in Miami and costs US$2.02. It’s worth it, but I used Google maps with traffic info as well.


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