Top 5 Android Catalog Apps

Nov 11, 2011

The time of year for shopping is upon us! Here are some great catalogs to help you find holiday gifts and things for yourself.

Catalogue by TheFind

This is the catalog app to end all catalog apps. It lets you show from all of your favorite catalogs in one app. Contains more than 50 catalogs from the best retailers of clothing and products! Great toilet reading, too. 🙂


IKEA Catalog

This is the 2012 IKEA catalog. It includes about 4000 images of 2000 products. Easy to use, you can flip pages by swiping and zoom in on photos. Nice search functions. Useful!


Book Catalogue

This is an open source book catalog. It allows complex searching, lets you search Amazon, Google Books, and LibraryThing through the app, and also supports book sharing!


JEGS Catalog

If you are into souping up cars this app will let you browse, search, and make purchases from the entire JEGS catalogue – which has thousands of high performance auto parts.



This is like having a catalog for eBay on your phone.


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