Who needs another virtual keyboard for their Android device? Me, and I think you probably do, too. This Tio Keyboard tool thinks outside the traditional QWERTY layout, and from my initial use, they’re onto something cool.

When you download the app, it doesn’t appear as an app in your menu. You’ll need to select it as an input method — just touch the settings button on the traditional Android keyboard (or hold down the area where you’re inputting on some devices), and select it from the list. The magic becomes clear when you see the keyboard. The app takes the standard QWERTY keyboard, and collapses the three alphabetic rows into one with three letters stacked up into one key. The purpose: To reduce your finger movement and get you typing faster and more accurately on your Android device.

In my use, this concept works well. The word prediction results correctly matched the words I wanted to type 100 percent of the time when I typed regular dictionary words, but if you encounter situations when the prediction isn’t accurate, the keyboard provides a “next” key to select from a list of alternatives. When I typed email addresses or usual proper names, it was easy to expand to a regular QWERTY with the touch of one key.

The app’s settings provide a lot of customization. You can adjust the height and width of the keyboard and its distance from the bottom of the screen. You may also select to split the keyboard for use on a tablet. Check it out.