With the economic crises and unemployment plaguing the country, job search websites have become a very popular tool in the application process. Monster.com’s app simplifies this process further by giving you the opportunity to apply for jobs with just a tap of a button.

I created an account with Monster a while back, so it was easy to jump on and get started looking around. If you’re new to the site, however, because you must fill in your credentials and job history, and then upload a resume and cover letter to complete your profile, I’d recommend that you get started on a computer. The easy part will come later, the next time you log-in via your app.

From the app’s main menu there are six categories to choose from: “Job Search,” “Saved Searches,” “Saved Jobs,” “Apply History,” “Resumes,” “Cover Letters” and “Settings.”

When you do a job search, you have the option of filtering your results by job title, skills/keywords and location. You can search by using all of these filters at once or just one at a time. Based on what I searched through the app, I was pretty impressed with the number of hits I got for my field of work. Monster seems to have stepped up it’s game a bit since I last used the app.

“Saved Jobs” and “Saved Searches” dog-ear a job for safe-keeping, if you don’t necessarily want to apply for a job right away, or you need more time to plead your case that you’re the right person for it. Should you decide to apply for your dream job, you’re able to throw your name into the hat from within the app, provided that the employer who posted the listing allows this. It looks like some prospective employers require that all applications are received via their own websites.

Because the layout was nothing fancy, the app was easy to navigate. However, it did have a few programming hiccups that occasionally made using the app more of a hassle than it might have been worth. Sometimes, the app wouldn’t properly load, and I’d have to quit and relaunch Monster to get it working properly. It also crashed a couple of times.

Monster is a free, helpful tool that could point you toward the job you’ve always wanted. However, for the last two years or so, I’ve noticed that the trade-off for the chance of landing a great job involves the occasional spammy email.

Monster isn’t perfect, but it is a great resource to have on hand when the going gets tough.