Valentine’s Day has a bad reputation for being overly commercialized. Our thoughts on the international day for lovefests were best summed up over at popular comedy site The Oatmeal. Whether you celebrate with the traditional box of chocolates and long-stemmed roses, or spend the night drinking vodka with your friends yelling “YOLO!” out taxi windows, here are some marvelous mobile apps to spice up your Valentine’s Day. After all, you only love once. OK, that’s blatantly untrue.

justWink Greeting Cards (Free)

Start the holiday for lovers with American Greetings’ justWink, a one-stop shop for browsing and shipping “realistic” ecards to friends and that special someone. Within the app you can preview both the front and inside of cards featured in various Valentine’s Day categories, including LGBT-specific offerings. After you pick out the perfect card, you can easily personalize it: Add a photo from your Camera Roll, type a message, sign with the swipe of a finger, then send it off. Of course, this app is serviceable year-round, and even has a Reminders feature that syncs with Facebook, so you’ll never forget to send birthday cards to friends and relatives. (Free)

If you’re going to date online, you might as well go with the best. You can create a profile, browse user profiles, exchange winks, and view Daily Matches, with the free account.’s app lets virtual casanovas sort search results in numerous ways, including by Newest, Distance, Age, and more. All this pertinent information is displayed, along with when they were last online — this is handy in weeding out who takes the dating service seriously. In order to send and receive messages to that cutie you’ve been scoping out, you’ll need to buy a Subscription.

Gravy (Free)

If you’re looking for something a little bit more creative than dinner for your Valentine’s Day date, download the free Gravy Android app to discover nearby events to match your mood. Whether you are going on a date or just hanging out with friends this year, use the Gravy app to find activities that are classy, brainy, lively, or whatever. The app provides drive times based on real-time traffic patterns and showcases events that are free, discounted, or exclusive. You can also view events that are trending in your area. Make your date – or date-defying night out with friends! – more groovy with Gravy.

Where’s My Valentine? (Free)

You will want something to do while waiting for your date to show up at that elegant restaurant you both decided was reasonably priced. Disney’s popular and well-hydrated puzzle game Where’s My Water?transformed their seasonal offering into the Where’s My Valentine? Android game. The promotional game stars fan favorites Swampy and Perry in 12 “love-themed” levels, where “love-themed” translates to “each level has a heart-shaped obstacle.” How apropos!

Uber (Free)

We love Uber so much! You can impress your date with something new this Valentine’s Day with this classy Android app. Instead of picking him or her up in a yellow cab, try a snazzy black Uber car. Use the free Uber app to schedule your sophisticated black car and pay for the ride in-app. The map in the app gives the driver exactly where to pick you up and will even update you on Uber car arrival times. It’s fancy, yet convenient transportation that is sure to earn you bonus points with your date for being smart and sexy. The best part? You and your date can each polish off an extra cocktail or two, since neither will have to deal with getting behind the wheel. The backseat beckons!

Have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day!