Escape from Rikon

Escape from Rikon is a relatively new game and a very enjoyable one. The game reminds me of the old Activision game Pitfall. In the game you runn through the jungle and need to jump or slide to avoid deadly obstacles. While you are running, you need to collect coins, which can be used in game to purchase extras such as double jump, magnet, immortality, and so on. The game is free with ads. In addition to purchasing extra coins, you can remove the ads.

The controls are straight forward; tap on the left side of the screen to jump and tap on the right side to slide. As you progress, it seems like you run faster but that could just be me. Also I found if you seemed to graze ever so slightly the obstacle, you lost. Timing is important. Overall it is a fun game with great graphics.


iRunner is a slightly different running game that has three main sections: Adventure, Quick Play, and Challenge. In Adventure mode, there are various missions you have to complete to continue in the game. In Quick Play, you have a quick mission to complete before you can move on to the next mission shown in the map. Finally, in the Challenge stage, you need to survive as long as you can. The game does have a leaderboard section that has local, last 24 hours, and historical leaders.

The game controls are nicely labeled. On the left you tap to jump and slide on the right. There is a progress bar on the bottom of the screen to show how much further you need to go. When you die in the game you start where you left off, until you run out of lives. The game is free, but filled with irremovable ads.

Line Runner

Line Runner looks like a simple game, but looks can be deceiving. You are a stick figure and have to avoid the black box obstacles on a graph paper background. To play you can choose from a couple of different options. First you can choose the track you want to run on. There is a training track, and then 10 different tracks. You can pick one or use the random option. In addition to the tracks, you can turn the blood on and off and show tombstones where you last died. When you die, you start at the beginning again.

The controls are similar to the other games. Touch the left to roll and touch right to jump and the longer you touch, the farther you jump. The game is free and ad-supported. You can upgrade to the pro version to remove the ads. Despite the simple appearance, I seem to have a lot of trouble getting anywhere in the game.

I Must Run Free

The I Must Run game has been out for a while and is available on all mobile and gaming platforms. You are an escaped convict and have only 24 hours to save your wife. If you want, head over the game’s website to watch the official trailer. This is not an easy game. With this game you have three options: punch, slide, and jump. When you first start you need to escape from the prison area. If there are objects in your way, you can punch or jump over them.

When you die, the game will give you your score, distance run, jumps, objects destroyed and your running time. This is the free version of the game; you can purchase the pro version which gives you unlimited play. The game is Xperia optimized. I enjoy the storyline in this game but I have yet to save the convict’s wife.

Run in Crowd

Run in Crowd is a cute running game. You are a one-eyed creature and are running alongside other one-eyed creatures. The difference in this game is that the other one-eyed creatures are players from around the world. The game is free but you can customize your creature with in-app purchases. The game uses the optional Scoreloop to keep track of results.

The controls are super simple; just tap to jump or double tap to jump higher. The game will mark your distance on the top of the screen. I found this game very soothing and relaxing, especially with the background music. Also each day you play, you will get a new world to run in.

Running games can be a lot of fun but also be a pain in the neck. To do well it takes practice and good reflexes. Do you have the skills to excel in these types of games?