One of the neat features of the Galaxy Note, Note 2, and tablet Note 10.1 is the S Pen or stylus. The S Pen will work with a lot of current apps and games. I have tried with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, to name a few. For the artists out there, the S Pen provides a lot of neat drawing options. Today’s post covers some new apps that utilize the S Pen. Please note, this post does not cover any drawing apps since there are enough on the Google Play store for an entirely separate write-up!

Slice the Bombs – Galaxy Note (Free)

In Slice the Bombs, your job is to swipe (sorta like Fruit Ninja) with the S Pen to protect the bubbles from explosive destruction. As you move forward in the game, the difficulty increases due to more bombs, faster speeds, and the position of bubbles. You get three chances to complete each level.

The game comes with 18 levels and you need to progress in order and unlock them as you go. The graphics and music are well done. The first couple of levels are pretty easy but once the bubbles start moving around more, it gets harder. There were a few times that the game did not seem to respond well with the S Pen, but overall it is a solid little game.

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From Cheese – S Pen Edition ($0.99)

This game won the Grand Prize in the Samsung Smart App Challenge. Your job is to help the cute mouse find cheese, by following the scent vapors and drawing a line (with your S Pen) from the cheese to the mouse. The game’s perspective  is a top down view, so you can see where you need to go and anticipate obstacles in your way. After a level or two, you will get the hang of it.

As you progress in the levels, there will be more challenges and obstacles for you to figure out how to get around. Having no words in the game does add to the challenge. The graphics are great and this version of the game comes with over 50 levels. You need to earn a certain number of stars to unlock future levels. There is another version of the game that you play without the S Pen. It comes free (with ads) and paid (no ads). No matter which you chose, you will dig this game.

Papyrus (Free)

This is another app that won an award from the Samsung Smart App Challenge. Papyrus is a handwriting and note-taking app. Being able to take notes using your S Pen is key. The Galaxy Note 2 comes with an app called the S Note but is very limited. With Papyrus, you can organize your notes in notebook (like Evernote) and it has a nice set of editing options such S Pen , eraser, shape, and text tools. You can also two finger scroll and pinch to zoom.

This app is free and clear of ads, but there is a paid version which comes with a few more features such as cloud service to back up your notes and extended tool packs. You can export your notes as PDFs, PNG, or JPEGs to services like Evernote or email. Papyrus also takes advantage of the multi-window support found in the Note 2 and Note 10.1. This is one of best apps I have found that really takes advantage of using the S Pen on the phone.

Fit Tight Planner (S Pen GN 2) ($1.99)

The calendar that comes with the Galaxy Note 2 is not terrible, but you cannot write notes by hand. Fit Tight Planner comes with a daily canvas or writing area, so you can write down notes and save them per day. Each month also gives you the ability to write down notes. Overall, this is a simple app that gets the job done.

Within the app you have the ability to change the color and style of pen “ink.” If you do not want to write, you can also switch to text mode. You can take photos and even record a note and the undo button is extremely useful. As a relatively new app, I would be curious to see how it develops in the coming months.

These are just a few of the exciting apps out on the market that allow you to use the S Pen. On some you can use your fingers instead but where is the fun in that?