For an app that’s been developed by the IRS, I must say I was quite surprised by how sharp this app’s design is. The all-black screen has a photo, cartoony yellow icons and baby-blue font, which make the information pop off the screen. The app is very easy to navigate.

IRS2Go has just four tabs on its main menu. There’s “Get Your Refund Status,” “Get Tax Updates,” “Follow Us” and “Contact Us.”

“Get Your Refund Status” is where you click to gain access to the app’s main, self-explanatory option. Just enter your Social Security number (don’t worry, the app’s encrypted!), your marital status and the amount of your refund, and the app lets you know where your money is.

Because I haven’t filed my taxes for 2010, though, I don’t know how effective this feature is.

The rest of the app works as a reference guide to help you gain access to helpful IRS and tax-related information. The “Get Tax Updates” tab is where you can go to subscribe to different tips from the IRS. It sounds like they’re mostly sent out during tax season, but will wind up in your inbox periodically throughout the year.

The “Follow Us” tab is where you go to automatically follow the @IRSNEWS Twitter account. From what I’ve seen, their feed is pretty useful. There’s information about how to find out if your medical expenses are tax deductible, tips to help small-business owners and self-employed people file their taxes and resources to consult if you get stuck while filing.

The “Contact Us” tab allows users to contact departments within the IRS. I think this feature is especially handy because while half the battle might be waiting on hold, the other half is finding the right number to call in the first place. If you have a problem, you have the option to call someone right away, without difficulty, and fix the issue right away. This feature could save you a ton of time.

While I wasn’t able to fully put IRS2Go to the test, I am impressed with this app, and think a lot of people in this economy will be able to breathe a little easier knowing exactly when their check is supposed to arrive.

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