If you’d like, you can enter in a zip code and set a specific area as a favorite. This makes it easy for checking weather for your home, work, or anywhere else. You can also have the app locate you and provide you with the same information. That information includes the weather right now, hourly breakdown, 36 hour report, and a 10 day report. If you’ve set it to locate you, it can even send you severe weather warnings.

The Weather Channel App also provides two other really great functions: A video weather report and a multilayered map. The video report is full out newscast style and streamed perfectly over WiFi. The map function works really well also and lets you select from multiple different layers to place over Google Maps so you can see the weather conditions.

My favorite part about this cool app, apart from the spot one weather forecasts, are the HD videos you can view of what the weather is like so you’ll know exactly what to expect upon arriving somewhere.

This is definitely a handy app that makes finding out the weather for a specific location or where you are very easy. Considering how well this app works, it’s easy to say that it’s a must have app for the Android platform. With so many awesome features like radar, temperature and cloud maps with forecasts for up to 6 hours ahead it’s hard to imagine ever watching some old guy ramble on about clouds.