How on earth does it know my weight?

As every women, I am struggling with my weight all the time, so I am really keen on fitness tracking apps with which I can follow my performance on a graph, count my calories and shock myself with the balance.

As many weight logging apps, Google Fit needs to get your weight data typed in manually – smartphones cannot measure your body (yet). To count your approximate calorie usage, as many applications, GF uses your weight, height and age to provide a good guess. Fortunately, this app can be synced with your Google account, so it knows basically who you are. And even a bit more than that.

When I synced my app for the first time, I realized that it has a weight data from me in the cloud. I was totally surprised, as the number seemed to be realistic, but differed from the one I gave for Mi Fit (about which I’ll talk a bit later). My only guess is that it my Google Account was synced with Noom Coach, and the data is from there – but it is still scary to have my info recorded in such a sophisticated way.

When it thought I am riding a bike, but I sat on a tram.

What I really like in Google Fit is that it is able to guess what kind of activity I am doing. I have my phone in my pocket of belt bag almost all the time, but I would go crazy if I had to press a start button all the time I start another activity – especially because I use my bike to substitute public transport. Although I do not ride it for sport, I love my data to be tracked, but I simply do not like spending minutes by looking for my phone, press start button, arrange my cables, etc.

GF makes very good guesses, but sometimes it is totally sucked up. I realized this on a rainy morning, when I got on the city tram. As soon as I get into the office, I opened the app on my PC and it said I was riding a bike for 24 minutes. I checked the timing. Yeah, the app took my lazy half an hour on the tram couch as a small tour in my bike.

When it told me that I ran 0 kilometers in 40 minutes

Being keen on fitness tracking, I use a fitness band to count my steps and have funny info about my sleeping habits. My Xiaomy Mi Band 2 is a cool little thing. Its pedometer is quite accurate, it recognizes my speed, and measures my heart rat e when I tell it so. The only problem is, that it is not a GPS tracker, so it is not able to measure the distance of my jogging properly.

With GF, however, I should be able to follow my running route on a map – as soon as I take my GPS carrying phone with. And here comes my favorite piece of experience: every time I run, use my phone and wear my Mi Band, GF draws me a nice route on the map and gives me the duration of the training. However, as soon as I want to save the thing, it syncs with my Mi Band, loses the route on the map, tell me that I went 0 kilometers, and gives me duration, usually totally different that I tracked with Mi Band. Even nicer, that when I reopen the app, I usually get a third data – an even shorter duration than which GF measured for the first time. Ooops.

Do I still use it? Yes!

Even though Google Fit surprised me with some really funny moments, I do thing that this application is a useful and well-built app. Developers seem to have learned the lessons from the ancestors like Runastic or Endomondo – it is very easy to play music, or start-pause-stop the workout. It is also very easy to sync with the fitness trackers I have already used, which makes it an excellent surface to have a look my workout history of all time.

Bearing in mind that Google and its apps are getting more and more important parts of our lives, I can imagine that this application is going to be very useful one day – maybe, not as a fitness tracker, but as a general health tracking tool. Using this app to monitor the performance might help to collect and analyze useful health data. I do think it is likely that one day my Google calendar will tell me to stop and take a pause, or it might send an alarm to my doctor when it notices a worrying change in my state.

Of course Google Fit is perhaps not the most accurate fitness tracker, but it is a part of a software family which most of us use every day. Due to this fact, I hope one day it becomes a great platform for submitting your health data, and might go over fitness trackers this way.

If you are not a professional athlete who need a more professional tracking of your daily workout, Google Fit is a great application to motivate you, provide you an overall report about your state and a nice way to record your performances. I do recommend giving a chance to it, and I looking forward to see the development of the product.