Murder Room

Murder Room is a rather short, but nonetheless shriek-inducing room escape game bringing you the best of the psychological horror genre. According to the story, you are locked up in a room with a chainsaw-happy serial killer, and the only way you can escape is by solving a variety of mind-bending puzzles you’ll definitely have a hard time with – although you’ll get plenty of hints to ensure that you don’t end up in pieces. Murder Room employs an intuitive, swipe- and tap-based control system, and makes you jump out of your pants with realistic sound effects and a first-person view with eerie, unsettling graphics. According to the developers, Murder Room’s spine-chilling potential is at its utmost when played in a completely dark room with headphones. Challenge accepted?

The School: White Day

For the most avid fans of certain movies and games, remakes are sources of both joy and worrying. These avid fans are delighted by the fact that the movie or game dearest to their heart gets a facelift and is introduced from an entirely different perspective, but they are also terrified by the thought of someone messing up the piece of art they can’t stop loving with a final product unworthy of the qualities of the original. In the case of The School: White Day, the remake of a 2001 PC game entitled “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School” that gained a cult-like following, the fans of the original can release a sigh of relief, as its modern day version easily lives up to the standards of the original. In The School: White Day, you play as Hui-min, a young schoolgirl, who, in the company of other female students, finds herself locked up in the school after hours and what’s worse, being chased by possessed janitors, ghosts, and other unspeakable. The School: White Day pulls off the impressive feat of being scary without including gory scenes or weapons in the gameplay, meaning that when you see a monster, you have to do what you would do in real life: run! Thanks to its rich storyline and seven possible endings, you can be sure that you’ll spend several terrifying hours roaming the school’s haunted corridors.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is not a horror game in the classical sense, but its eerie post-apocalyptic atmosphere, heavy-on-the-soul gameplay and dark-shaded visuals make it almost as shocking as any horror game. In This War of Mine, you play as a group of civilians fighting for survival in a besieged city where snipers and hostile scavengers abound – and we haven’t even mentioned the scarcity of food and medicine. This War of Mine’s gameplay revolves around the day-and-night cycle: when the Sun is up, watchful snipers prevent you from leaving your hideout, thus you have to devote your energy to your hideout and your fellow survivors, and when the night falls, you can embark on dangerous missions to obtain the necessities of survival. During the game, you’ll be forced to make life-and-death decisions, some of which you might deem as good or bad, but as it pertains to survival, neither exists, as the will to live overwrites all rules and moral obligations.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

The final chapter of the four-piece saga set in “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”, a blood-freezing pizza place where you work as the night shift security guard, defending yourself against fuzzy and bloodthirsty animatronic beasts by tracking their movement through the security cameras. Five Night at Freddy’s 4 deviates from the original storyline: the location is a family home, while the protagonist is a child, who has to survive the relentless attacks of monstrous teddy bears such as Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and many more until the 6 AM sunrise. To ensure that you make it till the morning in one piece, you have nothing at your disposal but a flashlight and your creativity.