Over the course of my time with its free first chapter, I hid inside a photocopier, I helped someone fall madly in love with their sandwich, and made spicy coffee to disrupt a budget meeting. The Office Quest is not serious in tone whatsoever, and it revels in this fact. It enjoys being silly, and that fun tone applies to virtually very part of the game. The puzzles in The Office Quest are never obtuse, but a few demand you poke around the room and explore every aspect. As you do, new quirky animations pop up to add a dash of physical comedy and life to the zany world. Story isn’t important, you’re just a bored office worker trying to sneak out of the office from under the watchful eye of your superiors — who all inexplicably wear animal costumes. This seems like an odd one-off detail, but it actually factors into some of the puzzles in interesting ways.

The Office Quest is the kind of absurdity that only an adventure game can offer, but sadly that does come with a few moments where the game can leave you tapping every option until something happens. There’s a lot of effort put into the game to ensure you can keep pressing on though, particularly in the game’s hint system. In a lesser game, the developers would charge you for hints and make their puzzles harder to solve. The Office Quest lets you earn free hints, either a visual clue or a brief indication of what elements to interact with, by watching one to two advertisements. It’s actually very fair, since the ads only tend to be about thirty seconds long. This means you might be watching an ad or two if you’re stumped on what to interact with next, but that’s an exchange most players should be able to live with.

The one exchange players might not be so keen on is that after completing the first chapter, The Office Quest asks the player to give $2.99 USD for the next chapter to start. The install includes all the chapters already, it’s just that the developers have these pay gates installed. Considering the quality of what you’re getting, if you’re a fan of adventure games, this is pretty reasonable. Three dollars for a solid thirty to forty minutes of fun is pretty cheap, but for some, it’s going to be a sticking point. The best way to decide for yourself is to play the first chapter and see how you feel about it. The Office Quest is certainly one of the more impressive and polished adventure games on the app store, so it’s definitely worth a look.

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