Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS is one of the most essential cycling apps for Android, used by millions of runners and riders all around the world. With Strava, you can track several facets of your rides and get key stats such as calories burned, distance, speed, pace, and elevation gained. Thanks to the Personal Challenges feature, you can push yourself further and further, and also have an endless source of motivation right at your fingertips. With Strava, you can join an active cyclist community, follow friends and pros to see what they’re up to, share photos, and indulge in a healthy dose of competition to try to make your way to the top of various leaderboards. Strava is compatible with a wide range of health technology – including running watches, cycling computers, activity trackers, and even heart rate monitors -, allowing you to dig even deeper into the stats of your rides. In case Strava’s free features do not quench your thirst, you can always go premium to get personalized coaching, live performance feedback, and detailed analysis after each ride.

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker is among the most popular and most downloaded cycling apps for Android. Despite costing exactly 0 dollars, Runtastic is outstandingly versatile, and is perfectly suited for riders of all experience levels and for all sorts of cycling activities from casual rides around the neighborhood to pro races at rip-your-face-off speeds. With Runtastic, you can track your biking routes, go live to show off your skills or the postcard-worthy scenery, search for bike routes in an extensive database, get an insight into the stats of your rides (heart rate, speed, elevation, and climb rate, just to name a few), see weather conditions, and put together a dedicated cycling playlist to provide an energy-boosting soundtrack for your rides.

Bike Repair

Regularly checking on your bike to see whether it needs any maintenance is a must, since keeping your two-wheeled companion in immaculate shape ensures that she’ll be with you for the long ride and that you’ll avoid mechanical mishaps potentially leading to accidents and for sure leading to undesirable situations. Thanks to Bike Repair, the most comprehensive bike maintenance and bike repair guide for android, you DIY fix any problem from shifting issues to flat tires and broken chains. Bike Repair comes equipped with 58 detailed photo repair guides containing more than 300 studio-quality photos and 95 useful cycling tips and tricks (including methods to avoid knee pain and suggestions on what to wear when going for a ride in certain weather conditions), guaranteeing that you’ll overcome all maintenance challenges without any external help – and without spending a dime. Talking of spending a dime, Bike Repair comes with a $3.99 price tag, but if you’re relatively new to the world of cycling mechanics, you’re eager to educate yourself on the know-how of proper bike maintenance so that you don’t have to take your ride to the bike shop, the aforementioned amount will be money well spent.