mySugr: Diabetes logbook app

Since keeping track of a wide range of data – blood sugar and blood glucose levels, bolus, hypos, carbs, to name just a few – is essential to proper type 1 and type 2 diabetes management, you definitely need a versatile app capable of logging all these crumbs of vital information in a convenient and comprehensive way. MySugr: Diabets logbook app delivers all the data logging tools you need, while also providing pieces of priceless personalized advice, diabetes education, and exciting challenges to assist you in achieving your lifestyle goals. MySugr offers a handful of advanced features in a Pro subscription package for $2.99 per month such as smart searches (for meals, places, activities, and many more), a bolus calculator, blood sugar reminders, detailed PDF and Excel reports, and meal photos.

Diabetes: M

Just like mySugr, Diabetes: M was also designed for thorough diabetes management. Using the app, you can track all the data you need to lead as healthy of a lifestyle as the circumstances allow or to help a loved one monitor their disease. Based on logged data, Diabetes:M prepares charts, statistics, and detailed reports you can share with your supervising physician, and there’s even a nutrition database with which you can log your food intake and exercise time. Moreover, Diabetes:M packs a variety of tools with which you can calculate normal and prolonged insulin boluses and find potential trends in blood glucose levels. If you’re looking to score additional features, go for the premium subscription, as it nets you two extra profiles, additional lab result records, and expanded food database, reports in multiple file formats, and auto synchronization.

Diabetes & Diet Tracker

Diabetes & Diet Tracker is a powerful app assisting you in diabetes management. Having been designed for all types of diabetes – type 2, type 3, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes -, this all-in-one, exceptionally versatile app is the only Android tool you need to control all aspects of your disease. Diabetes & Diet Tracker’s features include comprehensive blood glucose tracking, food logging, optional insulin and medication tracking, lab results tracking, pro-level diet planning for weight loss and maintenance (with carb counting and nutrition tracking via a vast, daily updated food catalog made up of more than 390,000 verified items), exercise tracking, water intake tracking, and custom data tracking (e.g. quality of sleep, symptoms). Diabetes & Diet Tracker costs $9.99, but it’s worth every cent – first and foremost because your health is on the line, but also due to its unparalleled versatility and flawless reliability.

Diabetes Journal

Diabetes Journal specializes in tracking data crucial for diabetes management. Thanks to its sleek design and user-friendly interface, entering data in Diabetes Journal is a quick and hassle-free process. You can manage multiple profiles, review logged data on graphs and in detailed reports, and export any information you feel like your supervising physician has to see. Diabetes Journal comes equipped with a calculator capable of converting between a plethora of measurement types and a calendar so that you can review entries for each day in case you’d like to compare data.