The Masters Golf Tournament

The official app for the Masters, this Android app has already been updated for 2012. You’ll get several live video streams from the tournament, and updates on the Par 3 contest, the games at Amen Corner and Holes 15 and 16, as well as two channels just for featured groups on their play of the second nine. More content is aggregated into The Masters Golf Tournament app from ESPN and CBS broadcasts for in-depth coverage, and special analysis is also live-streamed in the mornings. While live streams are only available in the U.S., on-demand video highlights are also included in this app. Get the latest scores, see the course from a bird’s eye view and access additional information for those traveling to Augusta National Golf Club this year.

Golf Channel Mobile

From the cable channel of the same name comes Golf Channel Mobile, an app for the latest news and analysis from industry insiders. With this content-driven app you can see player news and leaderboards as the Golf Channel follows all the major worldwide tours, including the Masters. You’ll see recent episodes, behind-the-scene video, photo galleries and other exclusive content. And you’ll also get tips and tricks from legendary golf instructors, making this a one-stop shop for news and lessons alike.

PGA Tour

With the official PGA Tour app you can follow golf tournaments all season long. Customize your app home page to follow your favorite players, checking the leaderboard to see their current ranking. You’ll get access to complete scoreboards for every round of every player, and live play-by-play updates for the games tracked by this app. Like similar apps, PGA Tour also offers analysis and recent news, along with photo galleries, daily recaps and exclusive video.

FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS

Ready to take on 18 holes? The FreeCaddie Pro app will give you useful information on tens of thousands of courses around the world. It offers maps, stats and yardages for golf courses, as well as personal stats to track your own progress. If you’re playing with a group, you can keep their scores as well. Use the app to help line up your shot, getting distance data on course features like bunkers and hazards. You can also determine how far you hit that drive. The app has recently been updated to allow you to move the map around to see the distance remaining to the center of the green based on your current location.

The Rules of Golf

Need the official rules of the game of golf? Settle debates on and off the green, with The Rules of Golf, courtesy of the USGA. The app includes Decisions on the Rules of Golf, and another resource for amateur games, making for a well-aggregated app for any golfer. This handy title costs $3.99, but could prove quite useful during games.

V1 Golf for Android

Want to improve your golf swing? V1 Golf for Android will analyze your swing to help you improve over time. Optimized for smartphones and tablets, you’ll get access to dozens of swings from top-ranked tournament players. Using your device’s camera you can record your swing, then trim and edit it to have it analyzed. Compare it to the swings of the greats, with an option to store your swing clips and submit them to a V1 instructor for further analysis. With the $4.99 unlocker you’ll be able to compare swings side-by-side, and even overlay clips to get a detailed look at where you can improve.

It’s a great time of year for golf fans, with the Masters about to kick off. Whether you’re a golf fan anxious to keep up with scores, or an avid golfer yourself, there’s plenty of Android apps you can swing away at. Official golf resources like the Golf Channel have taken to the Android Market, and GPS has proven a useful feature for golf apps, helping you improve your game from the green.