RK: 1. Apple dominance – Don’t get me wrong – we love Apple with all of our hearts, but the fact that they have so much control over our destiny is a little disconcerting. They are able to tell us how we can or cannot make money, what kind of content is or is not acceptable, and there is no ground for us to argue – anything goes wrong and we are gone from the App Store. We have not had any problems so far, thankfully, but the danger is always there.

2. User growth – we watch the number of our active users like hawks, 24/7, to make sure we are growing a loyal and dedicated userbase

3. Content distribution models – the online and mobile news markets have been trying to figure out how a news organization adapt to new use cases and make money, and so far, all attempts have been unsuccessful. We think we can be instrumental in solving this, but the scale of the problem is gargantuan.