This past summer, co-founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, stunned American consumers when he responded to the iPhone 4’s reception issues by writing “just avoid holding it in that way” in an email to a frustrated customer.

This app for your Droid, a phone that hasn’t been plagued by a history of poor reception, works by poking fun at Jobs and iPhone owners. The concept is simple: select for either right- or left-handed use, and turn the service on. Make a call, and the phone will vibrate and provide visual notifications for when “you are holding it wrong.” Sometimes it will even drop the connection altogether.

While this app is easy to program, and the notifications are clean and simple in design, it’s not very practical. It’s also difficult to recommend this app to anyone, because the way it’s used means it can’t really be shared with friends: you have to be making a phone call for it to work. It’s also the kind of joke that’s amusing just one time. Really, how much fun are you going to have with an app that makes you laugh once, by yourself? It’s an interesting idea, but it’s certainly bizarre that an entire app was made based on this one gag.