In today’s times of considerably rising connection needs for each app, keeping data usage under control is crucial. Restrictive data plans and extensive roaming costs now often lead to a significant matter of expense in everyone’s life. Data Manager Apps for Android are flourishing but honestly, just showing the usage of the apps do not solve the user’s problem. What we need nowadays are apps that actively reduce the data usage. One good example of that is the AppSwitch Mobile Data Limiter app for Android where apps that persistently connect could be switched off.

As it is, most apps use up data even if the user does not feel the need to use Internet connection. What these apps do? Update in-app ads, sync data in the background, or download updates and notifications – mostly functions that are not needed while using mobile data or in roaming areas where connection gets charged. For a lot of apps, updates using WiFi at home or at work is just enough.

Regular mobile users always have specific apps that need updating on the go. These are usually messaging apps, mail, weather and so on. All other apps do not need routine updates and can be switched off. This sort of switch is even more important for travelers. They only need apps that are essential for travelling such as maps and messengers.

AppSwitch allows users to select and limit connectivity to those essential apps. Apps could be activated individually or configured into the roaming profile (Abroad) through simple ON/OFF switches. AppSwitch does not beat around the bush about its usefulness. Opening the app leads you straight to the main functionality: One Switch Per App; Two Profiles to choose from; save yourself from unnecessary data expenses.

Bulk activations and deactivations help maintain the two available profiles (Home and Abroad). A search bar prevents stressful scrolling for users with a lot of apps. The roaming profile activates automatically when logged into foreign networks – a particularly nice perk to release users from making a mental note of changing profiles whenever on tour. Being a very lean and cleanly designed app is one thing but making unambiguously clear what the perks of AppSwitch are may very well be the reason why it is a crucial app for many Android smartphone users today. So if you want control over which mobile apps should have Internet access at home or when roaming – then AppSwitch might just be the right app for you.