Eliminating the process of deciding which meals to cook, identifying required ingredients, and figuring out how to cook various dishes, Recipe Calendar serves as an all-in-one resource to making these tasks substantially simpler. With a wide selection of predefined menus, users have the option to choose which menu they prefer for a particular week. Once a menu is selected, a list of ingredients is given to the user to use as a grocery list, removing the possibility of forgetting to purchase certain items at the store while simultaneously saving money from buying only things that are needed. Once all ingredients have been purchased, the app provides an easy-to-use cooking guide which walks the user through the instructions.

With the ability to tailor the menu and meals for different complexities, styles, and health considerations, Recipe Calendar offers customization options that make it ideal for any situation. Housing over a thousand recipes ranging from simple, dietic, vegetarian, to low calories dishes, there are menus tailored to any pallet. From the perspective of the ones cooking, the app is perfect for all skill levels as novice cooks are able to select from a simpler menu while professionals can choose from more complex options. Especially convenient when there is a large group, the option to select how many people will be eating is designed to reduce inaccurate estimates in how much to cook. Deviating from a meal on the weekly menu is also made possible as users can update meals on a daily basis instead of being committed to pre-set the weekly menu.


While competing apps on the Play Store offer similar services such as a weekly menu, the distinguishing factor with Recipe Calendar is its ability to tailor cooking options for both the cook and consumer. Whether for a small, intimate dinner or a large gathering, the app is able to accommodate both to make cooking a more streamline task. Oppositely, it is also able to tailor to the various tastes and health consideration of the consumers, making it highly versatile for both parties. With this level of customization, the app is able to adapt to both cooks and consumers alike, something that other cooking apps lack.

Whether it is for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert, Recipe Calendar is able to conveniently come up with a weekly meal plan for a wide range of tastes. With recommendations customized for the user, the app is an essential for those who want to learn how to cook as well as those who are too busy to allocate time for coordinating meals.