YouTube, can also be streamed through Orb Live.

Orb Live leverages the cloud for streaming delivery, but ZiXi is also looking to cloud technology for improved video transmission, especially in HD. Based on Amazon’s EC2, Zixi provides businesses a platform for cloud-based broadcasting. As more broadcasters like NBC include mobile devices in their lineup for live streams, and media houses like Scripps join the party, live streaming is gaining support from industry heavyweights, enabling a new future for video distribution.

The business of live streaming faces growing pains

Zixi’s going after the live-streaming market with its cloud-based product, while Orb Live still faces some industry development for its model. Streaming content from another device isn’t in Hulu or Netflix’s best interest, as Orb hasn’t worked out direct deals with content providers. The cloud is certainly providing new means of content distribution beyond TV screens, but it’s monetization efforts still face some growing pains. We’re at an intersection of technology, business and consumer interest, so taking advantage of this convergence is an important aspect of leveraging the cloud.