The Best Taxi Cab Finders

Jul 9, 2012

Whether you’re traveling or local and need a lift, it’s nice to have easy access to taxis. These apps work well no matter where you are!

Taxi Cabs USA

Simple to use and quite effective. You can search by city and state or browse cab companies.


Curb – The Taxi App

This takes the cab finder app to the next level. Not only can you find and call cab companies, but you can also book online. I absolutely love that you can track through the dispatcher and see the progress on the onscreen map.


cab4me taxi finder

The problem with many taxi finder apps is the lack of companies who are listed in the database. This app takes care of that because if a company is not listed, you can add it! All other functions work well, and I especially like the contacts integration so you can easily send your pickup location.



While not specifically a taxi finder app, I use AroundMe for just that purpose from time to time. Great for when you’re in an unfamiliar area and need to find out what’s around.



I actually think this is kind of brilliant! Takes the old school concept of hailing a taxi into the high tech app world. But, with kind of a low-tech option. The app is just a yellow blinking “Taxi” sign! Really great for night time.


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