The Best Swimming Apps You Must Have on your Android Phone

Mar 17, 2017

As a wise man once said, you breathe in your first language, and swim in your second. Why is this relevant, you ask? Because it precisely demonstrates, in a beautifully poetic form, how much effort you have to put into becoming a good swimmer, while implying that, no matter how good we get at swimming, water is not our natural habitat. Despite the latter fact, swimming at least once a week pays off in the long run, as it’s gentle on your joints and builds muscles that very few other sports can. With the Android swimming apps introduced in the compilation below, you can enhance your swimming experience, get immensely useful tips, and improve your performance.

Swimming Step By Step


Based on your first impression, you can easily jump to the conclusion that Swimming Step By Step is aimed solely at beginners, that presumption couldn’t be further from the truth. Swimming Step By Step is versatile enough to be useful for novice and advanced swimmers alike, packing step-by-step photo and video guides demonstrating proper warm up, breathing, and swimming techniques for all styles (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, elementary, and side stroke).

Swimmo – Smarter Swimming

swimmoSwimmo – Smarter Swimming is a companion app for the Swimmo training watch, but that does not mean that its capabilities are limited to rudimentary time-measuring features. With Swimmo’s watch-plus-app tag team, you can keep track of distance, swimming pace and speed, duration and lap times, heart rate, calories burned, and even styles and strokes. You can view monthly and weekly summaries of your stats, and also zoom in on single training-specific results.


MySwimPro Swimming Workout Log


Take your swimming game to the next level with the hundreds of customized swim workouts featured in MySwimPro Swimming Workout Log! Workouts are categorized according to skill level, workout type, and pool course, ensuring that navigating this unparalleled selection will be a breeze. There are technique videos and detailed set descriptions for each workout, and since MySwimPro specializes in comprehensive workout logging, you can keep track of your progress thanks to in-depth stats and detailed profile analytics accessible on your custom profile page.



As the app’s title suggests, MySwimmingTimes is tailor-made for tracking swim times, but it also works as a motivational tool on account of the multitudes of featured swimming time standards covering all competition levels from high school to Olympian, several countries, and last not least a wide range of stroke types and course types. With MySwimmingTimes, you can import and export race times and time standards, record and log swim times for multiple swimmers, and share race time via all social media platforms.

MySwimmingTimes Promo Video v3.0.00

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SwimIn – Swimming News & Tips

swiminIf you’re into swimming, downloading SwimIn on your Android phone should be as evident for you as winning Olympic gold medals was for Michael Phelps. SwimIn is your all-in-one source of the latest swimming news and relevant articles, bringing you a wide variety of content including tips from professional swimmers and coaches, fitness guidance, behind-the-scenes articles, and inspirational stories that will surely boost your motivation to never-before-seen heights.

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