Dream League Soccer


With nearly 100 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating based on almost 5 million votes, Dream League Soccer reigns supreme in the realm of Android soccer games – and deservedly so. Dream League Soccer IS the real deal, bringing you the whole package of the soccer experience with plenty of customization options. Besides scoring goals, the goal in Dream League Soccer is to build your own team by recruiting some of the top soccer superstars in the world, develop your players, and make your way through 6 divisions while standing your ground in 7 highly competitive cups. You can build your own stadium, customize your team’s kits, and take your squad online to prove that your team is the GOAT.

Score! Hero


Courtesy of the award-winning game development studio that brought you Dream League Soccer, Score! Hero is a fast-paced goal-scoring bonanza rocking spectacular 3D graphics and a pleasantly challenging gameplay. Design and customize your soccer hero, start out as a little-known teenager with global icon aspirations, then pass, shoot, and score your way to legendary status! Use different tactics to outsmart your opponents and lead your soccer club and your national team to glory through more than 460 levels!

FIFA Mobile Soccer


EA Sports’ FIFA-series is a household name in the soccer game genre and the granddaddy of all soccer games that’s been around for 24 years, as the very first FIFA game (entitled “FIFA International Soccer”) was launched in 1993. Yup, we’re getting old. On a literally lighter note: although FIFA Mobile Soccer brings you heaps of content and an all-around authentic soccer experience, the game was completely redesigned for mobile and is lighter than ever, taking up less than 100 MB of storage space. By the numbers, FIFA Mobile Soccer is more than impressive, as the game features 650 teams from over 30 leagues and a gigantic roster made up of approximately 17,000 real soccer players. You can off your team loyalty by managing your favorite squad, fine-tuning tactics and making ingenious lineup adjustments on the fly, play Attack Mode to learn the nuances of the game in a wide range of attacking and clutch situations, or take advantage of a brand new feature and join or create an online League with your friends to put your FIFA skills to the test for bragging rights in inter-league championships and to battle it out against other soccer fanatics in League vs. League tournaments.

Flick Shoot 2


Bend it like Beckham! Although we have played exactly zero minutes of professional soccer in our lives, scoring a ginormous free kick goal must be one of the most ecstatic feelings a soccer player can experience. In Flick Shoot 2, a finger-licking finger-flicking good, highly addictive Android soccer game, you can master the art of the free kick and take your shot-making prowess to David Beckham-like levels to get a taste of what it feels like to send an impossible-to-save bomb to the top corner. Flick Shoot 2 packs 6 single player modes providing hours of varied gameplay: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling, and Practice. Moreover, there are online and multiplayer challenges, allowing you to engage in epic one-on-one battles and take part in Online Tournaments against flick shooters from all over the globe. Flick Shoot 2 has revamped 3D graphics, awesome animations, true-to-life physics, easy controls, and several customization options (players, jerseys, balls, and shoes) to ensure that your sharp-shooting character represents your style.

Final Kick: Online Football


Armchair soccer experts often say that a missed penalty is not the glory of the goalkeeper but rather the failure of the penalty taker. It is not up to us to decide whether that statement is true or false, but what we do know is that standing on either side of a crucial penalty kick is one of the most tense and stressful moments a soccer player can experience on any level. In Final Kick: Online Football, you take turns stepping into the roles of the penalty taker and the goalkeeper in epic penalty shootouts to score net-breaking goals and make gravity-defying saves to take home the ultimate prize, the iconic World Cup trophy. Final Kick: Online Football uses a convenient one-finger control system – but don’t think for a second that mastering the game is easy, as you have to put in plenty of practice time to become a cold-blooded penalty-making extraordinaire or a feared penalty-killing goalkeeper. Speaking of killing, in case you’re itching to kill time while, say, flying overseas, you can do so in 20 local offline tournaments, while for all other instances when you do have an internet connection, you can engage in real-time multiplayer battles and take part in weekly tournaments to score awesome prizes. To put the palm-sweaty icing (Yuck!) on the penalty-shooting cake, Final Kick: Online Football comes equipped with a plethora of customization options for your players and team, powerful player upgrades, realistic animations, and slow motion replays from all angles.

New Star Soccer


An award-winning, critically acclaimed, outside-the-box soccer game with a strong retro feel and RPG-like gameplay. Ever since its release, New Star Soccer has been showered with praise on many platforms, so we definitely had to find out what the whoopla was all about. In New Star Soccer, you play as an inexperienced 16-year-old at the down of his career. You have to build your skills, manage your relationships to keep everyone around you – meaning your teammates, your coach, your significant other, and your sponsors – happy and satisfied, hire your agents and trainers, enjoy the fruits of your labor, figure out tough dilemmas, wander to the dark side of pro soccer by exploring bribes, and relish the ups and survive the downs of the rollercoaster ride that is your soccer career. New Star Soccer packs vintage graphics, entertaining mini-games (see also: casino and horse racing), hundreds of hours of gameplay, and a truly unique experience simulating the parallel universe of modern day soccer.

Top Eleven: Be a Soccer Manager


Endorsed by none other than the mercurial José Mourinho, Top Eleven: Be a Soccer Manager is the best and most popular online soccer manager game for Android played by more than 150 million soccer fanatics worldwide. As you’d expect, the goal is to run your own soccer team like the boss manager you are by training your team, picking top players, devising winning strategies, setting lineups, motivating your players, and sending your well-prepared squad to battles against competition from all over the globe. To ensure that you can live out your designing prowess, you also have to build a state-of-the-art stadium and pimp it up with facilities, and select your team’s jerseys and logo. If you’re into soccer manager games, Top Eleven should be on your list on instant gets – even if you’re not necessarily fond of a certain J. Mourinho.

First Touch Soccer 2015


Don’t late the date deceive you, as First Touch Soccer 2015 stood the test of time and managed to remain a top-notch soccer game that follows in the footsteps of the FIFA-series in terms of gameplay, graphics, and versatility. The most multifarious game mode in FTS 2015 is the Manager Mode in which you can take control of your favorite team on and off the field, managing everyday team matters and sprucing up your stadium in the stadium editor. Thanks to hundreds of unique animations and a dynamic lightning system, the game still looks great in 2017, while the intelligent AI ensures that victory will not come easy and you’ll have to use a wide range of strategies to overcome your opponents.

PES Club Manager


Constituting a part of the Pro Evolution Soccer-series, PES Club Manager is a complex soccer simulation game designed specifically for hardcore strategists who are soccer managers at heart. During adrenaline-boosting matches, you are in total control of your team, which means you can change your tactics, formation, and style of play in real-time while enjoying high-quality 3D graphics and as-cool-as-it-gets commentary in 9 languages. Since preparation is gold, you have to put major emphasis on training your players: 38 training menus and 4 types of development directions are at your disposal, allowing you to fully customize your training methods according to your philosophy. As your team is climbing the ranks, make sure you develop your facilities, which will in turn lead to the blooming of your hometown. Oh, and don’t forget scouting, because failing to do so might lead to one of your rivals discovering the next soccer superstar…