Google Maps – Navigation & Transit


Boasting billions of installs, Google Maps is the alpha and omega of Android map apps, and has the features to back up both its status as the undisputed top dog in its category and the staggering download numbers. Google Maps is a driver’s dream as it has real-time GPS navigation with traffic conditions and ETAs, automatic rerouting so that you can avoid traffic congestions, road closures, and traffic incidents, real-time transit info, and lane guidance to ensure that you’ll never miss a highway exit again. Google Maps comes in handy during your holidays and sightseeing city explorations, as ratings, reviews, user photos, and Street View and indoor imagery allow you to cherry-pick the best restaurants, shops, museums, local businesses and most worthy-of-your-time-and-attention sights your current location has to offer. Frequent travelers will be delighted to hear that Google Maps comes equipped with online maps you can access without having to pay astronomical roaming fees, indoor maps for stadiums, malls, airports, and other major landmarks, transit schedules and maps for more than 15,000 cities, in-depth information on over 100 million places, and comprehensive maps in 220 plus countries and territories.

MAPS.ME – Map & GPS Navigation


MAPS.ME is the go-to Android map app of more than 65 million travelers worldwide, which should come as no surprise since MAPS.ME is free, and has all the offline navigational tools you need to find your way around anywhere in the world by car, foot, or bike. All maps in MAPS.ME are accessible without an internet connection. These maps are unbelievably detailed, highlighting and showing directions to points of interest, hiking trails, and places you won’t find on other maps (hopefully the infamous bar featured in “From Dusk Till Dawn” is not one of them), and are regularly updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors. MAPS.ME has an immense venue, facility, and public transport database you can browse by category to find the best restaurants, cafés, and hotels, the most nearby ATMs, or to get a better grasp of the local public transport system. To top it all off, MAPS.ME now brings you online city traffic maps for 36 countries with real-time traffic updates and the fastest driving routes.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps


MapFactor GPS is a wholly free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Android powered by the monthly updated maps of OpenStreetMaps. With MapFactor, you can easily plan your car, pedestrian, and truck routes from door to door. MapFactor packs intuitive voice navigation in several languages, 2D/3D and day/night modes, alternative routes, all the must-see points of interest in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, and the option to add your favorite locations so that you’ll always find the way back to your most beloved breakfast spot during any holiday or city break. Making door-to-door navigation a breeze is a gigantic postcode database, which you’ll surely take advantage of during your domestic travels. MapFactor is the highest-rated offline GPS app, so giving it a try will definitely do you no harm even if you’ve gotten used to other Android map apps.