Facebook Lite

Running out of your monthly dose of mobile internet data is a modern day nightmare. Checking Facebook all the time definitely eats away at the amount of data included in your mobile internet plan, but don’t you worry none, fellow social media addict, because Facebook Light is right here to help you out. Facebook Lite stays true to its name by being light in all aspects: it uses little to almost none storage space, uses less data more efficiently than the regular Facebook app, and works even in the most rugged network circumstances, ensuring that you can keep yourself updated on what’s going on in Facebook’s parallel universe while, say, monitoring wildlife in Alaska’s frozen wilderness.

Fast – Social App

Fast – Social App is a lightweight and wholly charge-free Facebook client tailor-made for managing your account. Fast also suffices as a social reader, allowing you to gather, organize, read, and share the content from your pre-selected, favorite Facebook pages. Other features of Fast include messaging, direct access to YouTube videos, and of course photo and video download. Fast is easy on your battery and your mobile data usage, and only uses a miniscule of your Android phone’s storage space. To top it all off, its user interface is wholly customizable, and you can set up a security pin to safeguard your Facebook account against snoopers and against friends licking their chops at the thought of trolling you.

Metal for Facebook and Twitter

Metal for Facebook and Twitter is another lightweight app that not only boosts Facebook’s otherwise rather neutral user experience, but is also easy on your phone’s battery, storage space, and mobile internet data consumption. Metal brings you an awesome feature called Metal Everywhere you can access from your notifications bar by clicking on the Metal icon. When you click on the icon, a floating window will appear, providing instant access to your Facebook feed. With Metal’s fixed toolbar and full screen mode, browsing becomes a breeze, while customizable notifications guarantee that you’ll only pay attention to content that really interests you. Metal is easy on the eyes – not only due to its sleek, fully customizable design, but also due to a battery-saving dark mode tailor-made for Android phones with AMOLED screens. As expected, Metal comes equipped with security measures, allowing you to safeguard your account with your fingerprint on devices with Marshmallow API or Nexus Imprint.