LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn is basically the Facebook of professionals working in a wide variety of industries looking to build new connections and leverage on the network they have built. Consequently, LinkedIn Job Search is dedicated to helping you find the job you have always dreamt of – or letting that coveted dream job find you! Job Search uses your LinkedIn profile as your resume, and makes the job-seeking process a whole lot more smoother by delivering recommended jobs based on not only your profile, but also on saved searches and on the jobs you have previously viewed. Speaking of searches, you can filter your searches by location, company, keywords, and job title. One of the best things about LinkedIn Job Search is that all searches and job applications remain anonymous, ensuring complete privacy.

Job Search – Snagajob

In today’s faster-than-the-speed-of-light world, everything can change in a minute, so it’s only natural that Snagajob specializes in delivering hourly job offers. It does so to not only provide an ever-important variety of employment options, but also to get you out of unemployment as soon as possible. Snagajob brings you a database with more than 1 million jobs from several industries, a fully personalizable profile you can boost with videos and personality quizzes to show your future employers the depth of your skills and personality, an advanced search engine allowing you to perform targeted changes, and an awesome feature that lets you track the status of your application in real-time.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search prides itself as the number one job search tool in the world, and it certainly has the numbers to back it up: over 180 million monthly users and a job database enlisting more than 16 million openings from over 60 countries in 28 languages. Indeed’s job search engine comes equipped with the usual filters, though it has an innovative feature, which makes use of your device’s GPS to scoop up openings near your location. To top it all off, Indeed Job Search includes a company review feature, which not only allows you to give feedback about the companies you’ve worked for, but also lets you read more than 10 million photo-laden reviews to help you find the workplace that is the best fit for your needs.

Job Search by ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Job Search is extremely confident in its abilities and promises that once you’ve downloaded it on your Android device, you will not need any other job search app. We’re not quite sure about that statement, and suggest you to unleash the entire job-seeking arsenal so that you can put an end to unemployment ASAP, but let us get to ZipRecruiter’s features. ZipRecruiter gathers relevant openings from hundreds of job boards which it sends to your inbox every single day to keep you updated. It is one of the best-rated job search apps in the Google Play Store with millions of installs and tens of thousands of ratings, so giving it a try is a must for all job seekers.