The Best Interior Design Apps You Must Have on your Android Phone

Feb 6, 2017

Since your physical environment has a major influence on your mood, thoughts, and even your work performance, it is absolutely imperative that – especially if you’re a freelancer spending most of your office hours at home – you make your apartment as cozy as possible, according to, of course, your tastes in interior design. In case your life is too busy to discover the latest trendsetting offerings of furniture stores and design boutiques, you’ll be delighted to hear that an abundance of interior design apps for Android are only a few taps away, waiting for you to make use of their manifold home-enhancing powers. To make things even easier on you, we’ve put together a compilation of the best interior design apps the Google Play Store has to offer. Decorate away!

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

houzzReferred to as the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by none other than CNN, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is undoubtedly the most versatile app in its category, simplifying your life by leaps and bounds whether you’re decorating, remodeling, or building. Thanks to an ever-expanding database containing over 11 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and home exteriors, Houzz serves as an endless source of inspiration, making your job significantly easier by allowing you to narrow down your searches by style and by room

you can even take a sneak peek at how a piece of furniture would look like in your apartment with the View in My Room feature

With Houzz, you can access a webshop with a gargantuan product selection that easily exceeds 5 million items, has verified product reviews so that you’ll avoid potentially foul-quality products, and is home to regular special sales with discount rates climbing up to as high as a staggering 75%. Moreover, you can use the app’s signature visual recognition technology, Visual Match, to buy products and materials directly from the photos you’ve found on Houzz, and you can even take a sneak peek at how a piece of furniture would look like in your apartment with the View in My Room feature. If you’re in need of professional help, you can find, hire, and collaborate with a wide range of home improvement professionals via Houzz, including interior decorators, general contractors, repair professionals, and architects. Articles from the editorial staff of Houzz and design experts, and an active community eager to give you advice on home improvement topics are also at your disposal.

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Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Developer: Houzz
Price: Free

Planner 5D - Interior Design

Planner5D5 dimensions? That sounds terrifying. No need to worry, though, as the 5th dimension is not present in this easy-to-master interior and exterior designing app, in which you can create spectacular and realistic 2D and 3D models to see the home of your dreams come to life. With Planner 5D, you can create floor plans, furnish and decorate your house or apartment from a comprehensive and regularly updated catalog containing more than 150 items (the full catalog has over 3000 items, and is accessible via an in-app purchase), customize any item – including texture, color, and size- , and view your projects in virtual reality with a VR glass. In case a VR glass is not something you have in your gadget arsenal, don’t you worry none, because you can always take realistic snapshots of your designs to see how they’d look in real life.

Planner 5D - Interior Design
Planner 5D - Interior Design
Developer: Planner 5D
Price: Free+
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