Find My Friends


Even if you’re attending a festival with your innermost inner circle made up of your best friends with whom you’ve been inseparable ever since you were kids, there’ll come a time when you wander away from each other. With Find My Friends, arranging reunions will be as easy as understanding Rihanna’s lyrics. Find My Friends comes equipped with a map on which you can locate your friends (and vice versa, meaning they can locate you), a chat feature, real-time location and news sharing, and navigational help.

Battery Doctor (Power Saver)


Although you’ll be out and about champagning and campaigning like an NBA player at a Houston strip club, you’ll surely be using your Android phone quite a lot to shoot videos, take photos, post updates on social media, and last not least to call your friends and parents. Since phone charging options are, in most cases, far and few between at festivals, you have to be conscious of your battery level at all times and do everything you can to extend the battery life of your device. With the wholly free Battery Doctor (Power Saver), you can eliminate power-draining apps with a single tap, review which apps and features are the most notorious battery killers, see the accurately calculated remaining battery time, schedule power saving modes, and get smart charging tips.

Super Bright LED Flashlight


Imagine this worst case scenario. It’s late at night, you’ve already had a few. You’re making your way through a forest of tents, treading on poorly-lit, dusty paths. Somehow, your wallet slips out of your pocket. The instant you notice it, panic floods your mind, and while you’re trying to calm your frantically racing thoughts, you turn on your phone’s flashlight, and immediately start searching for your wallet – but it’s way too dark and the flashlight is too weak. We sincerely hope you’ll never lose your wallet – especially not late at night at a festival -, but a super bright flashlight can come in handy in several situations at a festival, which is why you should download Super Bright LED Flashlight to your Android phone before setting off to have the time of your life. Super Bright LED Flashlight is easy to use, has a surprisingly handsome user interface, and packs an adjustable strobe/blinking mode tailor-made for techno parties.



It’s late in the afternoon, you’re strolling around the festival chillin’ like a villain, when you suddenly hear a lit song you’ve never heard before, but would love to hear again. But how do you find out the artist and the song title? The answer is easy: by turning on Shazam. Used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide – including best-selling artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Adele -, Shazam is the ultimate music identifying app. Shazam is capable of naming any song in a matter of seconds, and also gets you one-tap access to song lyrics, video clips, related tracks, and streaming services – fore free!

St John Ambulance First Aid


Although the lion’s share of festivals – especially the biggest festivals in the world– offer thoroughly professional medical and first aid services, and often have pharmacies and medical units on-site, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is reason number for installing the St John Ambulance First Aid app on your phone. Brought to you by the United Kingdom’s leading first aid charity, St John Ambulance First Aid contains up-to-date first aid advice and protocols for dealing with a wide range of emergency situations, including burns, wounds, allergies, fractures, and poisoning. Thanks to the illustrated guides and voiced instructions, you’ll always know what to do if something unexpected happens.