Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal


Brought to you by the American sportswear giant Under Armour, Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is a peerlessly versatile diet app with an impressive track record, as – according to data supplied by MyFitnessPal Inc. – users have lost more than a staggering 200 million pounds, and 88% of people who track their progress for at least 7 days on MyFitnessPal successfully reach their goals by following the app’s dietary guidance. Calorie Counter comes equipped with the largest database out of all Android diet apps, containing over 6 million foods from all over the globe. Speaking of foods and millions, a barcode scanner capable of recognizing more than 4 million items is also at your disposal, ensuring that you’ll have no trouble logging the foods you buy. You can also import recipes to get nutrition information for the meals you cook, and you can even log your usual orders from your favorite restaurants. All in all, no matter where and what you are eating, you can count on Calorie Counter to calculate the calories in your snacks and meals and to meticulously track all nutrients such as carbs, sugar, vitamins, fat, and protein, to name just a few.

Calorie Counter comes equipped with the largest database out of all Android diet apps, containing over 6 million foods from all over the globe.

But tracking galore does not stop here, as Calorie Counter also keeps track of your water intake (in cups, ounces or ml), which is of the highest priority regardless of your diet plan. When you’re changing up your eating habits, you always have some sort of goal in mind, a fact which the brains behind Calorie Counter have been conscious of. You can select a goal – weight gain, weight loss, and weight maintenance – and get a customized diet plan paired up with a tailor-made training regime, both matching the goal at hand, or you can opt for complete customization by setting up your own goals or by letting MyFitnessPal’s experts create personalized goals for you. As Calorie Counter is compatible with more than 50 fitness apps and fitness devices (e.g. Fitbit, Strava, Runtastic, Runkeeper, and many more), syncing your workouts is a breeze.

In case your app assortment and your gadget collection contains exactly 0 of the aforementioned 50 plus, there’s no need to worry, because Calorie Counter boasts a database of over 350 exercises, and the app also allows you to add your own workouts. You can log a wide range of cardio exercises from running to yoga, strength exercises, and last not least there’s a powerful, integrated pedometer with which you can track your steps, set up daily step goals, and review your step history on graphs. If you’re starving for a dose of much-needed motivation amidst all the working out and dieting, you can see how far you’ve come thanks to a progress-tracking chart and nutrition reports, and you can simultaneously call upon the power of community by sharing your progress, adding friends, and by joining the ever-growing MyFitnessPal community to get priceless support, tips, and advice from fellow Calorie Counters.

Lose It!


Lauded as the most effective weight loss program to ever grace the Google Play Store, Lose It! specializes in customized weight loss plans. After you download Lose It!, you’ll be asked to share a few details about your eating and exercising habits. Based on the information you share, Lose It! will serve your tailor-made weight loss plan on a silver platter in the blink of an eye. Most Android diet apps allow you to set a simple goal such as gaining, losing, or maintaining weight, but Lose It! takes it up more than a few notches by letting you set a wide range of goals (including nutrients-specific goals, exercise goals, and health goals) and even your daily budget. Once you’re done setting your goals, Lose It! will deliver the masterplan to help you achieve them. As you’d expect, Lose It! packs plenty of calorie-tracking tools, and has a massive food database containing millions of items. When you’re on a grocery shopping spree, use the app’s barcode scanner to make sure that all items in your cart are compatible with your diet plan, and when you’re at a restaurant, use the innovative Snap It! feature: just snap a photo of the culinary masterpiece you’re about to eat, and Lose It! will take care of the rest.

Lose It! specializes in customized weight loss plans

If you’re itching to dig deeper into you logs, Lose It! Insights delivers mountains of useful information, shedding light on, for instance, where your carbs and calories are coming from and on the foods that help or hinder your progress. Since Lose It! seamlessly connects to dozens of fitness devices, fitness trackers, and fitness apps, tracking the calories you burn during your workouts is easy as a low-carb, sugar-free pie. To top it all off, Lose It! lets you unleash your competitive side with head-to-head, group-based, and team challenges, ensuring that you’ll never run out of motivation to stick to your diet plan and that you’ll choose the gym over your favorite pizza joint ten times out of ten.

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss


My Diet Coach – Weight Loss is a jack-of-all-trades kind of Android diet app, though it’s definitely not a master of none, as all of its features deserve an A-plus. The basic premise of My Diet Coach holds no surprises: set your goal, track your progress, stay motivated. Nothing special, right? In the unforgettable words of Arnold Schwarzenegger (activate Austrian accent): WRONG! Why? Because underneath the dime-a-dozen surface lies refreshing uniqueness in many forms. My Diet Coach comes equipped with customized reminders so that, for instance, you drink enough water and you always have healthy snacks within reach in case the munchies attack.

the daily challenges program assists you in improving your overall wellness in small steps

Thanks to the visual weight tracker, you can keep track of your progress in a spectacular way, while the daily challenges program assists you in improving your overall wellness in small steps, and will reward your achievements with Healthy Lifestyle points, further fueling your motivation. Essential tips to avoid setbacks are also at your disposal, including tips for food cravings, family meals, exercise laziness, and many more. If that’s still not enough for you, the Pro upgrade brings you a set of additional diet-supporting features: a food cravings panic button, a BMI calculator, a diet diary, water consumption tracker, and weight, water, and measurement charts which sync seamlessly with the tracker.

Calories Counter – Technutri


Calories Counter – Technutri (FYI: Technutris are an endangered species. They look exactly like Southern Viscachas, but much more ripped) is a wholly free Android diet app specializing in calorie tracking and custom diet plans and workout programs. Technutri is so fluffy boasts an all-encompassing food database from which you have to select the meal you are enjoying, and the app will do the calorie math for you. Moreover, Technutri delivers customized diet plans and workout programs based on your age, gender, and of course your diet goals and fitness goals. If you’re a fitness newbie, you’ll be delighted to hear that Technutri has video tutorials for its featured exercises, and its active community is bursting with eager-to-help members. Speaking of Technutri’s community, it is the place to go to be inspired (and to inspire), and it’s also an abundant source of useful tips that will come in handy on your journey leading towards a healthier life. Technutri is said to have helped more than 5 million people achieve their goals, so it’s definitely worth a try – even if you already have a nutritionist or a personal trainer on your side.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker


Brought to you by Livestrong.com, MyPlate Calorie Tracker is the Swiss army knife of Android diet apps, bringing you a user-friendly and hassle-free way to track your calories and to stay in top shape. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, MyPlate trots out a barcode scanner-food database combo, with the latter containing over 2 million items – and you can add your own meals and foods. Based on your profile information, MyPlate will set a personalized daily calorie goal for you. If you’re into macronutrients, fine-tuning options are also at your disposal, as you can create custom nutritional intake goals for carbs, protein, sugar, fat, fiber, and sodium, to name just a few, all of which you can review thanks to heaps of useful and detailed data. Adding several layers to MyPlate’s already robust tracking section are a powerful progress tracking feature, activity tracking (walking, running, and biking) via the Google Fit app, and workout logging with an immense exercise database.

you can create custom nutritional intake goals for carbs, protein, sugar, fat, fiber, and sodium, to name just a few

To ensure that you eat right and do so at the right time, you can set meal reminders, and if you’re down and out, feeling like this healthy lifestyle journey is way too overwhelming, 24/7/365 support is at your service thanks to MyPlate’s community, where you’ll surely find others who have gone through the same trials and tribulations. To get ahold of extra features, you can upgrade to a Livestrong.com Gold Membership ($9.99 for a month, $29.99 for six months, $44.99 for a year), which will bring you advanced stats such as daily averages and trends, access to the exclusive Gold Members board, a Clean Eating Guide containing tips and recipes, and priority customer support.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by YAZIO


YAZIO’s (WHY IN ALL CAPS?) Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is as popular among pro-healthy eating Android users as Madonna was in the early 90s among NBA players, as evidenced by the fact that it’s been downloaded more than 3 million times and counting. This free-to-download app focuses on tracking your nutritional (fats, carbs, and proteins) and calorie intake, and helps you reach your healthy lifestyle goals with personalized weight loss and muscle building plans. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker contains a calorie table enlisting more than 2 million foods, has a barcode scanner, an activity tracker, a calorie calculator, a pedometer, and a weight tracker.

If you’re striving to achieve more, going PRO (again, WHY IN ALL CAPS, BRUH?) is the way to go, as YAZIO (eh, nevermind) promises that you’ll reach your goals twice as fast. There’s definitely truth to that, because Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker’s pro features include a wide range of nutritional plans for goal-specific, special diets (e.g. low-carb, high-protein), more than 100 mouth-wateringly healthy recipes, in-depth analysis of, for example, body and diet statistics, extra nutrition-tracking options, body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar tracking, advanced food rating and food analysis, diet and activity planning, and we could go on until the guys and girls at YAZIO STOP USING CAPS. To sum it all up, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is an awesome, easy-to-use, and highly effective app that’s rapidly gaining popularity in the Android community – and we do mean that, so you’d better read it in all caps.

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach


Fooducate Weight Loss Coach is another diet app slash nutrition app extraordinaire that assists you in reaching your dietary, fitness, and overall healthy lifestyle goals. Fooducate is much more than a dime-a-dozen calorie counter, as it is an endless source of dietary knowledge that teaches you how to eat right. In order to do so, Fooducate employs high-degree personalization – meaning the app gives you recommendations based on your age, gender, weight, height, activity level, dietary preferences, allergies, health conditions, and much more (be aware that some of these are premium features and are only available through in-app purchases).

Fooducate comes equipped with a database containing over 250,000 unique products, which are graded based on how healthy they are, and are thoroughly analyzed with peerless precision, allowing you to see all the ingredients and nutrition facts of the grocery you’re about to buy by scanning its barcode. Fooducate has an active community with plenty of success stories to keep you motivated and heaps of fellow healthy lifestyle enthusiasts eager to answer your questions and share their priceless tips with you.

Noom Coach: Health & Weight


There are two secrets to a successful diet. You have to go in with a plan (one with a solid set of rules), and then you have to stick to that plan. If you can hold up your end of the bargain, Noom Coach is the perfect app to guide you to your goal. The app is essentially an all-in-one coach, nutritionist and motivator. It provides the platform you need to plan a diet, log your meals, set up a workout regimen (then pushes you to stick to them!) and track your progress. This app is kind of unbelievably easy to use. Separated by three tabs, you can quickly find what you’re looking for, whether it be to log a snack or meal, work out or to update your weight. I had no trouble finding my way around Noom, as everything was organized in a logical way. One really great feature about this app is that you must make your goals in advance. Then the app will help you achieve these goals by creating a reasonable diet and exercise plan.

To keep you on track, it will create a workout schedule (which you can modify according to your schedule), and then will remind you when it’s time to hit the gym. The app features tons of different types of exercise that you can log and accurately measure — everything from walking to yoga. These factors certainly makes it difficult for a person to justify excuses. The app also allows you to share your progress on Facebook, so you can celebrate your victories with friends and family. If you ask me, an audience is also a good way to keep yourself in check!