The Best Dictionary Apps All English Learners and Wordsmiths Must Have on their Android Phone

Jan 24, 2017

Some people say that English is an easy language to learn, which might seem true on the surface, but as soon as you dig a little deeper, you instantly realize that reaching poetic levels of sophistication in English is as tall a task as in any language. Broadening your knowledge requires great effort, unswerving dedication, and consistency, and if you’re serious about this whole learning English thing, in order to reach your goal, you have to devote some of your time to expanding your vocabulary and fine-tuning your grammar every single day. To assist you on your lifelong English-learning journey, we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best dictionary apps for Android that will prove to be essential companions along the way.

We start out at the pinnacle of the dictionary app genre, as all signs point to being one of the best English dictionary apps you can download onto your Android phone. has a humongous database containing more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms, and has all the tools you need for constantly boosting your English knowledge. With the “Word of the Day” and the “Word of the Day Quiz” features, you can add a new item to your vocabulary every day and at the same time, keep your brain in top shape, there’s audio pronunciation for each word, translations for over 30 languages, detailed word origin descriptions in case you are into etymology, a plethora of language blogs, and an advanced learner’s dictionary, to name just a few. If you’re still hungry for more, you can get access to several advanced features via in-app purchases including a slang dictionary, an immense collection of idioms and phrases, example sentences, and medical, science, and rhyming dictionaries. Android App – NEW Design and Features!

What’s New in the Android 7.0 App – New, streamlined design makes searching and exploring additional features easier. – Get definitions from any app or website: Simply press and hold the word you want to search and select “define” from the menu.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Brought to you by the brains behind America’s most popular and widely respected dictionary, Merriam-Webster, this multifaceted dictionary app for Android packs all the features required for a wide range of educational purposes, with self-education not being an exception. Whether you’re a copywriter with English as your second language striving to build your vocabulary or you’re an enthusiastic beginner, Merriam-Webster will not let you down. Vocabulary-boosting quizzes, “Word of the Day”, an integrated thesaurus equipped with synonyms and antonyms, quick definitions, and example sentences are just a few of Merriam-Webster’s tremendously handy educational tools.

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Dictionary by

Courtesy of, Dictionary is as versatile of an Android dictionary app as we’ve ever seen, pulling of this feat while remaining absolutely free-of-charge with no in-app purchases hidden between the lines. By providing access to an abundance of trusted sources, Dictionary brings you a gazillion word definitions with all the synonyms, antonyms, and related words your intellectual capacity can handle. With an unprecedented amount of daily content such as “Word of the Day” and “Idiom of the Day”, you can expand your English knowledge on a daily basis, and you can achieve the same goal in a playful way thanks to word games like Hangman, Spelling Bee, and Match Up. Specialty dictionaries and encyclopedias covering at least a dozen topics – e.g. medical dictionary, slang dictionary, financial dictionary, legal dictionary, science dictionary, and acronyms and abbreviations – are also at your disposal, as are dictionaries in 13 languages and the option to translate English into more than 40 languages. Dictionary sports a user-friendly, multilingual interface, which allows you to navigate the app with ease in more than a dozen languages. Moreover, once you’ve installed Dictionary, you can highlight any word in any app, and define it in the blink of an eye by sharing the word in question with the Dictionary app.

The Free Dictionary app for Android

A quick tutorial of The Free Dictionary app for Android The Free Dictionary app for Android is a free English dictionary and thesaurus, plus an offline dictionary and Wikipedia. The only dictionary app that has every word you look up: 1.3 million definitions of words and phrases from multiple authoritative dictionaries and encyclopedias, including legal and medical dictionaries and other specialty sources.

Urban Dictionary

Be careful with the Urban Dictionary. It could get you in trouble. Basically, Urban Dictionary provides a searchable reference of all the current slang words or phrases in existence. Make no mistake: It’s hilarious, but most of the content is rated R, and it’s all industrial-strength politically incorrect. Even the most “in the know” will find surprises. Take “Bushnesiac” for example. Definition: “A Republican who is very quick to blame all of the United States’ social, health care, international standing and military problems on President Barack Obama, conveniently forgetting the past eight years of failed policies that brought us to this point.” Or “Right of Wave: The expectation that a fellow driver will offer a wave after allowing them to cut into traffic.” I had to search hard for examples that would make it past my editor.

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The app offers a simple interface. Search on a word or phrase that you’ve heard, but don’t understand. Or, for the most fun, press the Random or Daily, as in “word of the day,” buttons. Shaking your phone also activates the Random feature. Feel like sharing? Long press on a definition to send it to others via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. But, please remember the warning at the top of this review. Others might not have your or Urban Dictionary’s sense of humor.

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