Cooking Fever

Boasting nearly 100 million downloads, there is no Android cooking game that has the numbers to triumph over Cooking Fever in the popularity contest. Cooking Fever’s gameplay is based on a time-management concept, although it is so addictive that once you get hooked, you can instantly say goodbye to efficient time-management IRL. In Cooking Fever, you can hone your chef skills in 16 distinctively different settings including a dessert bar, a fast food joint, an oyster bar, a pizza place, a bakery, and a Chinese restaurant. Hundreds of ingredients and kitchen appliances are at your disposal, and you can attract new customers by sprucing up your place with eye-pleasing decorations and by preparing yummy freebies.

World Chef

World Chef is another tasty Android cooking game in which you start out with a rather humble restaurant, but as you attract more and more hungry customers and broaden your cuisine selection, business starts booming, and your once-little-known eatery becomes a sacred site of fine dining. To climb the ladder of gastronomical success, you have expand your restaurant so that you can fit in more tables, employ international chefs capable of preparing the finest dishes of cuisines from all over the globe, stylishly decorate your restaurant as to ensure that the form is on-par with the content, and buy and trade fresh ingredients to increase the overall quality of the items on your menu. If you’re doing a good job, VIP guests will soon start attending your exclusive dinners, and who knows, one day you might even get a hold of the gold mine that is the Beach Bar.

Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game

Rising Super Chef: Cooking Game blends the most mouth-watering features of two Android cooking game genres: the ever-popular and super addictive time management and the equally captivating restaurant empire building variety. In Rising Super Chef, you play as Emma, an ambitious chef employed by a food truck chain restaurant who has to make use of the ingredients and kitchen appliances at her disposal to prepare the dishes her diverse customer base demands. To reach your goal and to avoid leaving any customer hungry or dissatisfied, you have to be time-efficient and keep your focus laser-sharp at all times. Rising Super Chef is a fun, frantic cooking game for Android, though after a while, it gets somewhat repetitive, so if cooking games are your thing, make sure you have other go-to apps on your phone.