Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

callblacklistCalls Blacklist – Call Blocker is a free, lightweight app with the ability of blocking calls and text messages. It’s amazingly easy to use, all you have to do is add unwanted numbers to the blacklist or enable a blocking option from a selection of three: unknown numbers, private numbers, and all calls, which should rather be known as either “It’s my day off, eff off” or “I’m on holiday and way too busy drinking cocktails”. Calls Blacklist lets you to keep a journal of blocked calls and text messages, block numbers by prefix (in case you have a grudge against certain mobile network carriers), and load and save blacklists.

Mr. Number – Block Calls and Spam

mrnumberMr. Number is a multifaceted app that lets you block not only unwanted calls and text messages, but also identify and prevent spam, scam, and fraud. With Mr. Number’s superhuman blocking abilities, you can block calls and texts from a person, an area code, or even the entire world. In our humble opinion, the developers should have extended the scope of Mr. Number’s blocking range to intergalactic measures, but maybe Hiya Communications’ staff has never been prank called by the flying octopuses from Alpha Centauri infamous for their tasteless jokes. As for Mr. Number’s other features, you can report spam calls and texts so that other users are warned, and with the automatic caller lookup for all numbers in your device’s history, you can easily find the numbers you never again want to see pop up on your phone’s screen.

Call Blocker

callblockerNo offense, but something must have gone terribly wrong at the creative meeting aimed at coming up with a catchy name for Call Blocker, but since we mean no harm, let us just say that the app’s minimalistic name helps in accentuating what really matters: the content, i.e. its features. These features include a blacklist to which you can add numbers you want to block, a whitelist for numbers you have no intention of blocking, record logs of rejected numbers, and last not least three block modes: block blacklist, which speaks for itself, allow whitelist, which blocks all non-whitelist numbers, block unknown, and the ever-important block all calls.

Block Calls & Caller ID


Stop calls from specific numbers, get notifications when telemarketers are calling, and head off scams before they make their way to your phone using Privacystar’s Block Calls & Caller ID app. Block Calls & Caller ID is a pretty straightforward app, aiming to help users keep unwanted calls from coming through to their Android devices. You can use the app to see when you’re receiving calls from telemarketers or debt collectors, for example, and also set up blocks against numbers from whom you don’t want to receive calls or texts. The app automatically blocks calls from known scammers, and also provides abilities like reverse number look-up, so you can find out who it is that’s trying to contact you. If you want more privacy on your Android device from certain callers or texters, Block Calls & Caller ID can help.

Call Control – Call Blocker

callcontrolCall Control works great! I love all of their features and how unwanted calls don’t even ring through. They are instantly hung up on (no ring) and silently reported in top bar as “call blocked”. You can even set your phone to accept calls from certain people or all in your contacts, or none. Super easy and cool!