AndroMoney, recommended by none other than the seen-it-all editors of the Google Play Store, is an immensely versatile personal finance app packing a plethora of powerful and intuitive features to ensure that you can keep track of your expenses in easy-to-comprehend ways. AndroMoney is ideal for executing daily personal finance tasks, as the app is capable of handling multiple accounts (such as credit card, bank account, or cash), overseeing assets, liabilities, and balances. With AndroMoney, you can not only set a monthly budget goal, but also separate mini-budgets for the various categories of your expenses such as Social, Living, Clothing/Beauty, Food, and Car/Motor, to name just a few. AndroMoney brings you detailed, real-time expense reports with all the pie charts and bar charts you can handle, and assists you during your travels with up-to-date currency dates so that you don’t go overboard while you’re over the border. Since security is especially crucial when dealing with financial data, AndroMoney guarantees maximum security, allowing password protection and complete data restoration in case something unexpected and unfortunate happens to your Android device.

Mobills – Budget Planner

Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Maybe. Mo’ bills, mo’ problems? Definitely! Unless you start using Mobills – Budget Planner, that is. Mobills – Budget Planner is a 2-for-1 personal finance and budgeting app that helps you in planning your budget like a pro (or should we say like an adult?) while also reminding you of the bills you have to pay. Thanks to the sleekly designed interface, setting up your monthly budget with Mobills is a breeze: with only a few taps and swipes, you’ll have your own financial manager right at your fingertips! Whether it’s keeping track of incomes and expenses, credit card management, tracking spending and transactions, or budgeting trips, Mobills – Budget Planner has all the tools you need – for exactly 0 dollars!

Money Lover – Money Manager

Nice name you got there, buddy! It is very much in the realm of possibility that Money Lover – Money Manager sports an awkward-sounding name, but there’s nothing awkward about Money Lover’s impeccable personal finance and family finance features – which is evidenced by the app being an Editors’ Choice selection in the Google Play Store. With Money Lover, you can keep track of your daily spending by dividing your expenses into different categories, plan your budget for all expenses or for specific categories for various periods of time (week, month, or even a year), get weekly, monthly, or annual in-depth reports spruced up with charts to see the bigger financial picture, and get bill reminders so that you’ll always pay your rent or internet subscription on time. Money Lower allows multi-device syncing, lets you link your Uber and PayPal account, and has a Share Wallet-feature tailor-made for families. Other tools – some of which are only available through a Premium subscription – include a currency converter, exporting to Excel or CSV sheets, scheduling for future and recurring transactions, debt and loan manager, multiple currencies, multiple wallets for various sources of money (credit card, bank account, cash, etc.), and an Event feature for planning traveling expenditures.