Lumosity – Brain Training

Brought to you by a team of scientists and designers striving to push the boundaries of cognitive research and find never-before-seen ways to challenge the capabilities of the human brain, Lumosity is an innovative brain-training app with a strong scientific background. It is also among the most popular apps in its genre, being used by nearly 100 million people worldwide. Lumosity focuses on 5 basic cognitive abilities, delivering daily workouts put together from a selection of over 25 creative and fun brain-training games. To provide a better understanding of what you need to improve on, Lumosity delivers in-depth analyses of your performances, revealing your strengths, weaknesses, and your cognitive patterns.

Elevate – Brain Training

A Google Play Store Editors’ Choice selection, Elevate is a multifaceted brain-training app with over 10 million users worldwide. Elevate’s goal is to improve core cognitive skills such as processing speed, math skills, memory, attention, and speaking skills. To reach said goal, Elevate employs dozens of brain-training games, delivering personalized daily workouts based on which cognitive skills you’d like to boost, while also all packing a performance tracking feature for in-depth insights. Just like in the case Lumosity, Elevate’s brain-training methods are also rooted in science, having been designed in close collaboration with education experts and by using the latest findings of cognitive research in attention and memory studies.

Peak – Brain Training

Completing our triumvirate of brain-training apps is Peak – Brain Training, another Google Play Store Editors’ Choice selection that’s also been chosen by Google Play Store’s editors as a best of the year app both in 2016 and in 2015. Peak comes equipped with more than 30 enjoyable challenging mini-games covering a wide range of cognitive skills such as focus, mental agility, language, and problem solving. Each game was designed with priceless contributions from neuroscientists, cognitive scientist, and some of the most lauded education experts. Thanks to an adaptive and dynamic game difficulty, Peak’s brain-training riddles are guaranteed to remain challenging for quite some time. Moreover, a new game is added each month, further expanding Peak’s brain-training capabilities. Peak prides itself on being fully personalizable, providing tailor-made daily workouts fine-tuned for your specific needs, and also on its in-depth performance tracking featuring data visualizations, brain maps, and graphs detailing your cognitive skill-specific output.