Based on the number of installs and its near-five star rating, HuntStand is indeed the number one free hunting and land management Android app in the world. HuntStand comes equipped with an impressive assortment of features tailor-made for thoroughly mapping any property using 67 custom icons, shapes, and lines (for instance stands, property boundaries, trails, and food plots), for tracking advanced statistics for personal harvest and sighting history, and last not least for getting detailed weather forecasts and solunar information. HuntStand also packs the innovative HuntZone scent tool, allowing you to check wind speed, direction, distance, and time in any hunting area, and see where your scent will be at a specific times and during the course of your hunt. In case you’re not the lone wolf type, you’ll surely take advantage of HuntStand’s social features such as sharing maps and joining group hunting areas. To top it off, HuntStand is fully functional offline.

ScoutLook Hunting

scoutlookScoutLook Hunting is a multifaceted map-based hunting app brining you detailed global weather forecasts and comprehensive location management. ScoutLook’s weather forecast delivers in-depth information on temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, barometric pressure, wind activity, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, and also a radar map over lay. Speaking of maps, ScoutLook’s multi-layered maps include satellite, topographic, and street view maps, but the map bonanza does not stop here. Thanks to the revolutionary ScentCone Wind Map, you can see, for 72 hours ahead and hour by hour, where the wind will blow your scent. Moreover, thanks to a recent update, you can save ideal wind conditions for each location, and let ScoutLook show you the hunting spots where the ideal conditions are present. Putting the wing-flapping icing on the map cake is the SetZone Wind Map, developed specifically for waterfowl hunters as it brings you a 72-hour wind forecast, helping you select the decoy setups most suited for the expected wind strength and direction. With the ScoutMarX, you can mark a wide range of POIs, while the ScoutLook logging system is perfect for keeping track of the activities of big game, deer, turkeys, predators, waterfowl, and hogs.

Hunting Calls Ultimate

huntingcallsBefore you start using Hunting Calls Ultimate, make sure you check local game laws concerning the use of electronic hunting calls. Now that we got the public service announcement out of the way, let’s see whether HC Ultimate is the real deal. Hunting Calls features over 70 high-quality animal sounds capable of attracting more than 30 species from raccoons to wolves. The app supports external loud speakers, and has an auto-repeat feature to ensure that you can concentrate on the more crucial aspects of hunting.