Monument Valley

If a unique puzzle game is the very thing that gets your brain churning, you can’t do any better than Monument Valley, a genuinely one-of-a-kind puzzle adventure featuring impossible architecture and starring a silent princess called Ida. Monument Valley was developed by an indie studio called Ustwo Games, which explains why everything about it is so off-the-beaten-track, and how it managed to become much more than a puzzle game: a heartwarming lesson in forgiveness. The goal in Monument Valley is to guide Ida through a wide range of mind-bendingly mysterious monuments by uncovering hidden paths and unfolding optical illusions you have to see to believe. Standing in your way are the rather creepy Crow People, who you must outsmart to solve the mesmerizing puzzles. Monument Valley employs easy-to-master controls, as you can twist and drag the psychedelic shapes with the flick of the finger, ensuring that puzzle wizards of all ages will enjoy the gameplay. Monument Valley was showered with heaps of prestigious design awards and video game awards, and it’s easy to see why, as it pulls of the feat of being visually stunning and minimalistic at the same time. Putting the icing on the puzzle cake are sound effects, since the surreal soundscape constantly changes according to how you manipulate the mysterious monuments, further boosting Monument Valley’s unmatched uniqueness.

Hitman GO

The bad-guy-assassinating adventures of Agent 47, the world’s most famous and baldest hitman, are well known by old school and new era gamers all around the globe. The fiber wire-wielding killing machine is now taking his pitch black designers suits to an entirely different genre, though does so without moving away from his dangerous profession. Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game in which you have to navigate eye-pleasing diorama-style environments comprised of fixed spaces placed onto a grid, employing well-though-out strategies to avoid hostiles, eliminate your targets, or infiltrate heavily-guarded forts. Proving that not even bad guys are cut from the same cloth, Hitman GO features distinctively different enemy types, with each having its own set of skills and behaviors, which you must be conscious of at all times if you’d like to avoid getting yourself killed. At your disposal are Agent 47’s deadly tools such as distractions, disguises, sniper rifles, and the iconic duo of the ICA Silverballers. Moreover, you can thoroughly explore all environments to uncover secret passageways and off-limit areas, taking out your enemies in cruelly sneaky fashion. As it always is in Hitman games, you can go about your killing ways with brute force, or you can step on the path of the ninja assassin, and do your man-hunting job with deadly silence, becoming one with sheltering shadows.


The Room Three

The third part of the award-winning The Room-series lives up to the lofty standards set by its two prequels, trotting out the same captivatingly haunting atmosphere that has become a trademark of this new-found trilogy, while also brining you another eerie mystery you must untangle to escape the walls that comprise The Room. According to the story, you are lured to a remote island by a hiding-in-the-shadows type of figure referred to as “The Craftsman”, who devises a series of brain-straining trials that are sure to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Compared to the prequels, The Room Three has taken many of its features to another level, delighting aspiring escapees with never-before-seen, expanded environments, the brand new eyepiece ability with which you can take a literally closer at anything you’re baffled by, an enhanced hint system, intriguing artifacts, and alternate endings that ensure the ever-important longevity. For us, The Room Three is like a creepy film noir, and the perfect game for rainy autumn nights.


10000000? Why so much, pal? Jokes aside, ten million is, in this context, much more than an amount of money we’d love to see in our bank accounts in many a currencies, as 10000000 happens to be a fast-paced dungeon-crawling RPG puzzle game-endless runner combo delighting veteran gamers with nostalgia-inducing retro graphics and an equally old school soundtrack. Your objective in 10000000 is manifold. First and foremost, the grandest of goals is to score 10000000 points and thus earn your freedom, but to amass the highest of high scores, you must kill monsters and find loot by solving a variety of matching puzzles. Using the loot you find, you can improve your gear, upgrade your skills, and also fortify your castle with the wood and stone you collect during your monster-laden journey. Talking of monsters, more than 20 types of beasts will try to shred you to pieces and deny you from completing the more than 60 objectives that 10000000 has up its sleeve.

Lara Croft GO

Lara Croft GO, courtesy of Square Enix Montréal, the same studio that brought you the formerly introduced Hitman GO, is a turn-based puzzle game-adventure game hybrid starring the more-beautiful-than-ever video game character crush of millions of millennial gamers. This time around, the daredevil heroine embarks on adventure to uncover the myth of the terrifying Queen of Venom. Lara Croft GO is immensely user-friendly thanks to its swiping-based controls, and comes equipped with gameplay experience enhancing features such as wonderfully detailed, yet easy-on-the-eyes graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack, nightmare fuel enemies including giant spiders, deadly traps, dangerous obstacles, new, unlockable outfits for Lara, and over 101 puzzles encompassing 6 chapters.

Where’s My Water?

Gators galore! No compilation enlisting the best Android puzzle games of all time can be considered complete without mentioning former Game of the Year “Where’s My Water?”. As we have exactly zero intention of swimming upstream, let us take a look at this puzzle-laden gator bonanza. There are four main characters in “Where’s My Water?”, namely Swampy, Allie, and Cranky, all of whom are alligators – albeit their personalities and the obstacles they have to overcome couldn’t be any more different -, while the fourth protagonist is an odd-one-out, a teleporting, tuxedo-and-top-hat-sporting Mystery Duck. Each character has its own unique storyline, giving you the most enjoyable (and figurative) headaches of your life with more than 500 physics-based puzzles featuring almost-true-to-life mechanics.

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build

We bet it is, but it’s much harder to not fall immediately and helplessly in love with this heartbreakingly cute and criminally underrated puzzle game. The game’s main character is an adorable, nose cone-shaped monster wandering in a hedge maze. The itsy-bitsy beasty specializes in building, naming, and hugging snowmen and snowwomen, melting even the coldest hearts in the process. A Good Snowman is Hard to Build is much more than a puzzle game, as it is – at least in our interpretation – an ode to how creativity can ease the burden of loneliness. You know what the meme says: try not to cry-cry a lot.

Cut the Rope 2


The sequel of the world-renowned Android puzzle game classic is once again headlined by Om Nom, the tiny frog-like monster with a huge personality and an insatiable craving for candy. In the center of Cut the Rope 2 is the same concept that made the prequel so popular: solve physics-based puzzles to cut the rope to prevent the game’s uber-cute antagonists, fuzzy spiders with an acute case of the munchies, get ahold of your candy. But that’s where the similarities stop, because Cut the Rope 2 brings you a slew of new features, which include dozens of locations from lush forests to underground tunnels, 7 characters (the most notable ones being the Nommies, Om Nom’s little helpers), gameplay elements such as graphics, sound effects, and the ability to move Om Nom, fresh missions and challenges bursting with unpredictable obstacles, and last not list customization options for Om Nom and the sacred candy.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Although Star Wars-mania has, to a certain degree, took the wind out of the sails of the global Marvel-craze, you know that Tony Stark and co. will soon be back with a vengeance. Knowing box office numbers and the oversupply of Marvel-themed toys, games, clothing, console games, and miscellaneous merchandise, it should come as no surprise that there’s a Marvel puzzle game for Android. Marvel Puzzle Quest is a match free puzzle game with deep RPG leveling, featuring the most powerful superheroes and the most feared supervillains of the Marvel Universe who are pitted against one another in action-packed battles in which you have to match three tiles to power up, to inflict damage, and to unleash the deadliest moves of your heroes or antiheroes. Based on an active community of 8 million players, Marvel Puzzle Quest has a strong social aspect, allowing you to put your superheroes to the test in exciting player vs. player tournaments, and you can also form dominant alliances with your friends to battle it out with other superteams in special events. The further you progress in the game, the more upgrades and characters you’ll unlock, and it’s only natural that you can assemble your superhero-slash-antihero team of three any way you like, creating unusual combinations such as Spider-Man and his polar opposite arch-nemesis, Venom.