N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition is the third chapter of one of the most epic and most popular sci-fi first person shooter sagas ever created for Android. In this alien-butchering shooter flick, you play as space marine Kal Wardin, and you’re pitted against a malevolent and tyrant alien race called the Volterites. The goal is to mercilessly pew-pew your way through 10 levels all across the galaxy from colonies to a war-ridden Earth all the way to a faraway, frozen Volterite city crammed with well-armed aliens licking their chops at the thought of dismembering you. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition attacks with an astonishing selection of weapons and vehicles, and sports 7 multiplayer modes on 7 different maps with maximum 12 players.


As the game’s title somewhat suggests, Unkilled is a zombie-slashing first person shooter featuring mankind’s favorite antagonists with a knack for snacking on human flesh and especially brains: zombies. Unkilled’s long and winding storyline unfolds in New York, as the Big Apple is not only the alpha and omega of the modern, but also the epicenter of an apocalyptic zombie plague. You play as a member of an elite taskforce called the Wolfpack, and it’s up to you to decide which unique character you opt for from a selection of five. Your objective is much more complex than wiping out all zombies from the city by roaming its streets, foul-smelling sewers, and pitch black subway tunnels, since the main goal is finding the evil perpetrators behind the zombie outbreak. Assisting you in reaching said goal is an arsenal of 40 weapons, while standing in your way are brain-fixated zombies, brutal boss fights, and more than 150 missions. To put the bloody icing on the zombie brain cake, Unkilled comes equipped with a Multiplayer PvP game mode, in which you can go up against real opponents and slash your way up to the top of ranked leagues.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is an action-packed, monster-mashing horror-RPG combo boasting console-quality graphics, haunting sound effects, narration by professional voiceover actors, and a captivating RPG-like character development system. At your disposal are a choice of 3 personas with distinctively different personalities, over 40 upgradable weapons so that you’ll have a better chance against the unthinkable space horrors lurking in the shadows, and more than 100 body implants and gear sets you can boost in order to survive all those deadly hits. Unless you’re on the ultra-hardcore side of monster massacring, finishing Dead Effect 2 will take more than a minute, as it features over 20 hours of campaign gameplay and approximately 10 hours of special missions. Dead Effect 2’s control system is fully customizable, so you’ll have no trouble shredding the beasts standing in your way even if you’re used to playing shooting games on your PC or console.

Hitman: Sniper

The Hitman-series can be rightfully denoted as a classic, with Agent 47’s silent killing spree now spanning over a decade and a half. In the latest Android-based adventures of the bald assassin, you have to make use of your sniping skills, eliminating your targets from long distances. As it usually is in Hitman games, if you simply dive headfirst into a shootout without employing well-thought-out strategies, you will most likely get killed, so in order to accomplish your missions, you have to become a master tactician – just like a real hitman. Hitman: Sniper features more than 150 missions – including a Montenegro mission pack to fine-tune your strategic skills – during which you have to take out 11 major targets. 17 weapons with unique abilities are waiting to be unlocked and used, so make sure you collect all the weapon parts as you progress along! To top it all off, Hitman: Sniper includes a Death Valley Zombie Challenge Mode, in which you have to march into battle all by yourself against a relentless wave of undead salivating at the sight of your bare, shiny sculp.