Thanksgiving Attack Plan

Nov 21, 2010

Make no mistake–the key to surviving Thanksgiving is a good offense. These apps are your weapons to tackle travel, family and food.

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Getting there–many of us live far from our immediate family and get invited/emotionally blackmailed into returning for the holidays. Don’t break your bank and use this app to find affordable travel solutions.


Epicurious Recipe App

Looking for turkey basics? Need to one-up someone’s family stuffing recipe? Need to figure out what you can make with the four ingredients in your fridge? Use Epicurious for your recipe needs.


Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

Burn dinner? Save the day with local restaurant recommendations.


Fandango Movies

Family bickering getting too intense? Find movies playing that night, and buy tickets with this app. I recommend Harry Potter, this Thanksgiving.


Camera 360

Want to preserve your fond memories or tease your relatives for years to come? Use this improvement on the standard camera app to take pictures and apply effects.



Live tweet your weekend–share the love or the pain! #thanksgiving


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