In Stereotypo your goal is to match a series of pictures to a corresponding word. For example, your word may be sailor, and you need to select all of the pictures that relate to a sailor. In this example, you may select pictures of a boat, sailor’s hat and anchor. Of course, other pictures are thrown into the mix to get your brain going and really make you think.

When you think of France, what do you think of? If it includes golden baguettes, fine wine, or steaming croissants with rich coffee in the mornings, you’d be a winner in Stereotypo by imbaLab. At its heart, this is a word association game, wrapped up in a colorful package with a unique theme dictating what types of concepts appear in the game.

Stereotypo challenges players to guess what images are most typically associated with different words and concepts and is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Unlike the majority of other popular word association games such as Red Herring and Word Connectors, Stereotypo is unique in being a much more visually-oriented game than word-based games tend to be, providing players with a set of appealingly colorful images in the flat design style to choose from when faced with a starter word such as “France.” It even has a cute mascot of sorts, a spunky orange cat who shows up at various transitional screens in the game to confirm actions or suggest hints.

Stereotypo provides some mental exercise in a market increasingly saturated with games focused around clicks or being idle by including enough false positives thrown into the mix to make it tricky to guess the correct “stereotypes” for each word. Players can progress through increasingly more difficult tiers of association recognition tasks organized into albums that reward correct answers with coins, which can then be used to exchange for hints when facing particularly tricky problems. Stereotypo’s hint system is notable for providing players with many possible types of hints they can use, which include removing one fake association, selecting one real association, or giving a simple word hint, amongst many others. However, even with all of the possible hint types, sometimes it just isn’t enough to be able to guess all the correct associations for the given word. At least, not with the number of coins you may have! Stereotypo does provide a paid system to acquire more coins if you find yourself in such a situation. These coin purchases come with the added bonus of rewarding you with newer versions of its cute cat mascot that are unlocked with each purchase.

When you start up the app, you can choose to jump right into the game, view your achievements or change your settings. Under settings, you have the option to turn off the music, adjust the sound effects and change the language. Impressively enough, the game offers 14 languages.

Once you’re ready to start Stereotypo, you must choose a category. The first category available to you is Hope. Coins and stars are earned by completing each level. To unlock the next category, a certain number of stars and coins are needed. For example, the second category is Shyness. To unlock Shyness, you need at least six stars and 50 coins, or you need to beat all 20 levels. In order to unlock a category faster, coins can be purchased.

One of the best things about Stereotypo is that there’s no time limit. You can take as long as you want to answer every question. If you get stuck on a level, you can use the hint button, but keep in mind that using a hint will cost you coins. I feel that hints cost too much and those who don’t want to spend real money on the game can give it up altogether when stuck first.

As you play the game, you unlock achievements. Trying to unlock all of the achievements is difficult since you can’t see the requirements needed to unlock them. While this may be annoying to people who want to unlock every achievement, it’s also exciting because you never know which action might result in an achievement.

When we reached out to the developer about his game, he said:

I like when a game makes you think and requires some knowledge, that is how Stereotypo came into my mind. The levels in the game are grouped into albums and I tried to put a bit of sarcasm into the album names and pictures. There are fake pictures in every task to confuse the player. Tasks are not only about stereotypes as the name suggests but also about things you should know as an intellectual.

Stereotypo is a simple game that’s easy to get into but can be tough to master at later levels. However, it’s the simple nature of the game that makes it perfect for mobile devices. Its main strength is the high quality design, catchy music and sense of humor, while the weakness is that it is easy to get stuck and difficult to continue from that point without spending. This is a game that you could pick up and play for a few minutes when on a bus or waiting in line. If you’re looking for a fun, pick-up-and-play game, give Stereotypo a try.