Everything in Jump is made out of Minecraft-style blocks, but everything only includes your own character and the platforms they need to jump on. You begin on one single block in a series of many, some running in a straight line, others requiring a 90 degree left or right turn. The top of every platform is either red or yellow; if the next one in line is red, you’re required to tap the right hand side of the screen, but if it’s yellow then the left side. If you get the colour right you progress, and your score improves by one point. Get it wrong however, and your platform and character will come tumbling down. Stopping you from taking as much time is you want are the blocks behind you, which very quickly collapse once you’ve stood on them. If they collapse quicker than you can react to the colour of your next jump, you run the risk of falling down with them.

It’s a brilliantly simple concept, and one which at first seems easy to master. Yet with the collapsing platforms behind you quickly gaining ground, you’re forced into quickly deciding which colour to tap, and sometimes your mind can’t process it that fast. Often you’ll get a run of four or five red blocks for example, and you’ll feel comfortably at ease; then one yellow block follows after and your fingers and brain may not have the reactions to process it fast enough. If you hesitate then you run the risk of being too slow and brought down, but if you react too quickly then you might get it wrong. Even if you do manage a run of several hundred jumps, your melted mind will blur the distinctions between both colours, and your cramped fingers or thumbs will be begging you to stop: it becomes as much about endurance than anything else.

Aside from breaking your own record, you also have collectibles to consider. Dotted along the way are white blocks which, when collected, can be used to unlock new characters. These are few and far between and, although timed rewards are offered, can take quite a while to collect. Yet when you gain 250, the reward is worth it. Characters include Batman, Superman, skeletons, ninjas, pigs, just about anything the developers thought would add something unique and fresh to the game. With over 40 to unlock in total, you’re sure to be collecting white blocks until you’re seeing orange.

Whilst there isn’t much else that Jump offers, what it does provide is addictive and fun gameplay, and its unique unlockable characters give it much needed longevity to go with it. Your mind and fingers may not let you play for hours on end, but the fifteen or so minutes they do will be fun enough.

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