This week saw the release of a sequel to one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time. That game is of course Temple Run, and this sequel is no slouch. We’ve also got a wonderfully violent and zombified driving game , a brilliant action adventure game about cave diving on an alien planet, an adorable puzzle platformer, and a new spin on the role playing/match three hybrid genre. Here we go!

Temple Run 2 (Free)

The Temple Run cloning was more rampant on Android than it was on iOS, with plenty of fake sequels and releases. I can tell you that not only is this Temple Run sequel real, but it’s also pretty fantastic. It expands on the last game by adding mine cart segments, zip lines, a tweaked upgrade store, and pathways that actually bend, if you can believe it. At its core, it’s still pretty much the exact same game, and will likely bore anyone tired of running games, but as it’s free, you should probably give it a shot anyway.

Dead Crossing (Free)

There’s a new trend developing in the Google Play store–driving games in post apocalyptic environments with automotive arsenals modeled after Twisted Metal plus hordes of zombies. Then again, zombies tend to invade every facet of mobile gaming these days. This is a solid game with good design, offering a lot of customization options, including several vehicles and plenty of guns to install and upgrade over the course of the story mode. It’s  bloody good time

Gene Effect ($3.50)

Gene Effect, an exploration based adventure game in which you pilot a small mining vessel around the ominous caverns of a desolate mining planet, is worth your attention. Though you quickly discover that it’s not so desolate after all, and the stakes skyrocket pretty quickly. It’s a solid game with good pacing, ambient aesthetics, and a real sense of wonderment and discovery as you learn more about this alien environment and solve the puzzles within. There are plenty of optional puzzles and secrets to uncover, and this game feels close in spirit to the excellent Waking Mars. Sold, yet?

Tupsu-The Furry little Monster (Free)

They may be absolutely everywhere, but there’s just something about charming puzzle platformers with cute little creatures that keeps you coming back for more long after you’ve sworn off of them forever. Tupsu is a little monster with tentacles that you can move separately and attach to various surfaces to get around and solve puzzles. The gameplay is pretty good, though it’s rarely difficult, so those looking for a challenge should look elsewhere. It’s also very similar in visual style to the excellent Contre Jour, and feels like it was inspired by it heavily.

Djorick’s Curse ($1.99)

Match-three games with heavy RPG elements aren’t exactly a new idea, but you don’t see them all that often. Djorick’s Curse is a gem. After choosing between various class options, you start battling the various dark minions brought about by the curse. Matching similar tiles has an effect depending on the tile, letting you attack, heal, repair, collect gold, and more. As you play, you’ll gain experience and level up, upgrading your abilities and generally making things easier for yourself before tougher minions attack.

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