Mobile World Congress has brought quite a collection of new Android devices to the market, and that’s a win for gamers. Tegra 3 devices, with their quad-core processors, prove worthy of quality games. NVIDIA took full advantage of MWC to unveil a handful of upcoming titles for Tegra 3 devices, starting with Sonic 4 Episode II. Teaming up with Sega, NVIDIA put out an intriguing trailer for the latest Sonic game, complete with co-op game play to help Tails along the 17 levels. Another co-op game coming to Tegra 3 is Hamilton’s Great Adventure, currently available for PCs and Sony’s PlayStation. The adventure puzzle game features Hamilton and his trusty sidekick, a bird named Sasha. Collect all the treasure you can – no need to save the world in this game.

And speaking of Sony PlayStation, those with a certified Android device received some great news during MWC as well. Sony confirmed that original content will be coming to the PlayStation Suite, diversifying from the ported PlayStation 1 games currently available for mobile gamers. The news fits well with Sony’s latest Xperia devices, the U and P smartphones, both unveiled at MWC this week.

But Sony’s not the only company pushing a platform roll-out for Android games. Exent’s GameTanium, an all-you-can-eat game subscription service, has been optimized for Android tablets. With an expected rise in high-end Android tablets, GameTanium extended its cross-platform game service even further, allowing you to begin a game on your tablet, and pick up where you left off on your PC. Another game platform Skiller hopes to socialize more Android games, using MWC as an opportunity to roll out its real-time multiplayer functions to its open-source SDK.

Beyond MWC

Beyond MWC, PapyaMobile is expanding its social gaming platform with Social Splash, a tool for game developers to convert existing titles into Android games. They’re targeting Facebook and Google+ developers, making it easy for them to convert a game from Adobe Flash or HTML5 to a fully-functioning Android app, all without the need to learn a new coding language. Social Splash is a wrapper for HTML5 and Flash games, all handled in PapayaMobile’s cloud. Papaya’s platform has grown by 260 percent since pulling out of publishing its own titles nine months ago, reaching 50 million users worldwide.